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Looking into getting my first Kei Truck

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Marylander, Oct 23, 2022.

  1. Marylander

    Marylander New Member

    As the title suggests I am looking into getting my first Kei truck. I typically drive an 6.9 IDI Ford V8 Diesel and a 7.3 Ford Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8. The IDI is only 4x2 and the 7.3 needs repairs, so I wont be driving either for a bit. That being said Diesel in my state is hitting $6 per gallon in some areas and I dont need another large truck. I figured these Kei trucks get 45mpg and have 4x4 so they would be a good viable option. I live on a farm so the truck will mostly be doing farm related tasks. I will also be using it as my daily driver. I drive 9 miles round trip to work everyday and the my speed never goes over 50mph, (30mph~40mph mostly). Also the truck will be used for hunting. I will have to drive 50 miles one way so 100 miles round trip for hunting. The fastest posted speed limit it 55mph the entire drive there and it is a rural highway so mostly flat but truckers fly through going 60~90mph so I typically drive 60~70mph. That being said can a Kei truck maintain a speed of say 65mph for 50 miles ? This is an estimate the truck would only be going that fast for 30 miles of the trip each way but still can it maintain that speed ? Secondly I have to go over two major bridges to get there. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and a smaller bridge. Both have steady, steep inclines and have a posted speed limit of 55mph. I work with a filipino and he swears by the Suzuki Carry. I have seen that Suzuki Carry and the Honda Acty have the most parts available here in the US. I have also read that the Suzuki is loud in the cab because you sit on top of the engine. My question to anyone who reads this post, is the Suzuki Carry extremely loud ? I typically daily V8 Diesels and I drive Cabover Diesel trucks at work and a Mack Cabover v8 diesel on the farm. Is the Suzuki screaming loud or is it just loud to people who typically drive small displacement cars and trucks ? Between the Honda Acty and the Suzuki Carry which would suit my needs better for the Highway driving and farm use ? Also which truck between Carry and Acty have the highest parts availability here in the US ? Thanks to all who read my post, I hope this forum isnt dead as it tooks a few weeks before I was approved to post on here. If anyone would like to me to clarify anything or any of my questions just ask.
  2. OhDeer

    OhDeer Member Supporting Member

    I live in the area and have crossed the bay bridge 100s of times, as I used to commute across it daily. I think you'd be a nuisance on the bridge, especially east bound as that is a little bit steeper I think. You'd probably be OK on the Kent Narrows if you kept right and gave it the beans leading up to it, but you're still gonna slow. Your daily commute would be just fine though. I have a Sambar and they are considered to be one of the better trucks for higher speeds, but what you describe is more than what I'd want to do. The Sambar is at about 5.5k rpm at 55 - 60 mph. Theres also a supercharged Sambar that might be a little better, I've never driven one.

    You're gonna save money on fuel if you just drive it Mon-Fri though, even if you don't cross the bridge.
  3. Marylander

    Marylander New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply, I always stay in the right lane on both bridges going both ways. I will only be crossing the bridge at no later than 4:30am and around 7:30-8:00pm at night typically traffic is lighter then. The kei truck will be my daily as in my only vehicle other than my International Harvester Scout. I dont like taking the Scout on long drives because I'm afraid someone will hit it or damage it also the insurance plan that covers it had a mileage cap so I cant take it on long drives. I have seen posts on here about Canadian owners driving 400km with their trucks over 8 hours. Would the long drive cause serious damage to the Kei ?
  4. OhDeer

    OhDeer Member Supporting Member

    I mean they are pretty tough, but you're talking about spending an hour+ each way at 5k rpm or more. Thats not great for most any motor.

    I just don't take mine on the highway. It's slow AF, people drive like they are actively trying to kill me, and it's damn near redline to do it. Canada isn't Rt50. There are 100% people who try and fuck with you in your tiny truck.

    And I love my Sambar, would not sell it for the world, but man, taking it on 50 scares me.

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