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Looking for feed back

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Lug nut, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Lug nut

    Lug nut New Member

    I work for a small municipality and we are looking at mini trucks for use in our parks and rec department. Some of founding fathers feel that these trucks are just a fad and parts etc... will be a huge problem.
    We currently run a Gator, Mule, and a diesel Kubota for utv's. They are all set up for in town street use but the cabs are not really that cozy at -20`c.
  2. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, Lug nut. From what I've seen of the prices of the Gator, Mule and especially the Kubota, you could buy a couple of kei trucks and have spares! :)
  3. speedy67

    speedy67 Member

    You couldn't get a better location in North America than British Columbia for access to Japan. Kei trucks and cars are getting to be a big thing in BC. And will get bigger with the price of crude oil causing gasoline to become more expensive than whiskey. :D
  4. PJ&Tubby

    PJ&Tubby Member

    We have had our mini truck since the fall of 2007 and use it daily on the farm. We have an ATV as well as farm tractors. The mini truck immediately became a permanent fixture in our routine. That cab comfort plus being able to travel through tight access areas is great. My prediction is we will have a mini truck for farm work until the end. There probably are some people in a "fad" mode but comparing cost and value they have tremendous potential. Regular UTV are going to have to come down in price a lot to compete. So far we have not had any issues with parts and hope that continues. We have not connection to the industry -- just satisfied owner and can offer no reason for you to not choose mini truck.
  5. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    They are not a fad in my place either. Mine replaced a half ton truck. I find my minitruck to me MORE useful around the place, and for all of my other needs, than the half ton was. My only drawback is that I'm quite tall, and do find the cab to be as small as can possibly be tolerated. The only thing that I'd do different, would be to get a newer one with the slightly larger cab. I've sat in a newer Acty, Minicab, and Carry, and found those extra couple of inches to be worth their weight in gold. I've put approximately 6,000 kilometers on my truck, since buying it last summer. For a "third" vehicle, I am racking up the clicks rather quick. I find myself jumping into it over the Cherokee.
  6. Need the extra room?

    Try the Subaru, Much roomier and comfortable. Im not real tall but I am wide:)
    and my tall friends like it better than the others
  7. Lug nut

    Lug nut New Member

    Thanks for the info, this has helped to grease the skids.
  8. scesnick

    scesnick Member

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  9. scesnick

    scesnick Member


    If you dig around on this site you will find PLENTY of info. including parts sources and a ton of good dealers that will help you out..
  10. Just as an example, for the past week or so it has been a total deep freeze here, teens during the day and -'s at night. I just went out and started one of the little mitsu's for a customer and it didn't flinch, started first try. If that doesn't tell you something about these little guys I don't know what will

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