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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by father04co, May 7, 2020.

  1. father04co

    father04co New Member

    For a Suzuki Carry DB51-T 1990.

    Here's the list and pictures of stuff I need. Thank you a lot!

    #1- Bumper rear spring part# 42150-61020-000 (goes on rear axle and it's a bumper between deck gate and rear axle)

    #2- Right panel, wheel house outer part# 63141-85000-000 (not sure it is the right name and part # BUT it’s the part circled i need)


    #3- Think it’s a compartment (bought vehicle and it was already missing, I have the frame but not what goes inside) Also not listed in the diagram with part #.


    #4- front door cards right part# 83710-85050-6CA + left part# 83720-85070-6CA

    #5- combination switch assy (turn signals + wiper) part# 37400-77510-000

    #6- 2x front mudflaps part#72210-85842-000 + plate part #57612-79011-000

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