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Looking for a starter for 2009 Wildfire / 650cc twin 2 cylinder

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Shelly Harwood, Sep 18, 2021.


Anyone help me figure out a starter for my mini

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  1. Shelly Harwood

    Shelly Harwood New Member

    I'm looking for help with a starter. I have a 2009 Wildfire that has a 650cc twin 2 cylinder. I'm needing help with a starter for it that bolts up to bellhousing. Its a 2 bolt an I believe its suppose to be a 9 tooth CW. Ive searched and called everywhere. Been told Mitsubishi would work but hate to keep buying an it not be right. Any help is appreciated
  2. Desert Machine

    Desert Machine New Member

    you wont be able to find it by calling and asking. ive matched it before, it does exist and cost 69 bucks on amazon. however the number is escaping me at the moment. i did this all once before for someone on facebook. anyhoo. it would be easiest to just take your old starter to a rebuild shop and let them do their thing.
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  3. Desert Machine

    Desert Machine New Member

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