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Lifting a Suzuki

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by JRinTX, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    I'm not one to add salt to the wound.....but I told you so. The lift kits for these little trucks have not had enought R&D yet....so I would stay away until they get a better design.
  2. minimits96

    minimits96 New Member

    Is this a problem only with the suzuki, and if knot how are there so many dealer selling trucks with 3" lifts. I have seen a lot of mitstubishis for sale with lifts in them
  3. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    There are allot of them installed...but that does not mean they work correctly. If you take a close look at the angle on the CV joints you can easily tell they are stressed. All I can say is if you buy a truck with a 3" or bigger lift....Caveat emptor!
  4. JRinTX

    JRinTX Moderator

    I have put the common 3" lift kits (spacers under the struts) on a 1991 and a 1996 Daihatsu and on a couple of Suzukis. They all have a problem with the CV joints being at too great of an angle. Sometimes the CV joints will make noise because of the binding situation, sometimes not. One of the Daihatsus has a very bad vibration due to excessive angle on the CV joint.

    A U-joint connection can only tolerate a certain range of angular deflection. A CV joint can generally operate through a greater angle, if the geometery of the shafts is correct. By pushing the control arms to their extreme positions (and even beyond in certain circumstances), the CV joints exceed their allowable angle and will bind and wear prematurely.

    I have had better experience with 2" spacers. They do not put the CV joints in an extreme angle.
  5. Sowsticker

    Sowsticker New Member

    2" Lift

    Hey Guys, just for those who may not have tried to lift the Suzuki because of the complexity of the suspension, here's what I did. This is the poor boy method but seems to work well. I made spacers for the front using 3 1/2" header flanges purchased at local muffler shop along with a scrap piece of
    3 1/2" pipe. I didn't put any offset in the spacers because the overall length of the spacer is only 1 3/4 inches. This may not seem worth the trouble but that length allowed me to put 25" tires on the front with a small amount of fender trimming. In the rear I made shackles 6 1/2" long with the holes on 4 1/2" center, plenty of clearence for 25's. You need 4- 1/2" boltls 4" long and 4 nuts. On the header flanges you will need to notch the holes, open on the outside edge, so that they will fit. Total cost is about 20 bucks. When your done adjust what little adjustment is left on your tie rod ends to align the front end. Your camber will be off a little but with the weight of the driver it pretty much levels out. This is all I needed to get the truck to do what I want which is run around on the deer lease. Also, I went to a local sporting goods store that sells 4 wheelers and asked about used tires. They gave me 4 used 25x8x12's and charged 7 bucks a tire to mount them, total cost out the door was 32 bucks. I said this was the poor boy way.
  6. ace cutter

    ace cutter Member

    bulldog offroad solved the problem by extending the bottom of the struts to keep all adjustments
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  7. blue_miner

    blue_miner New Member

    when I bought my zuk, it came lifted....it had 5" rear adjustable shackles (aprrox 2.5" lift) and front spacers of still then unknown thickness.

    and then the time came that i had to replace the front shock absorbers. the front assembly was loosened and the front spacers were measured (1.5" driver side, 1.75" passenger side). btw, my zuk is LHD. im using 23" tires

    yeah, ive been enlightened here that 2"+ lifts are will accelerate wear...and i really wanted to have it lowered to 2"...but the shock replacement came first

    so off to the auto parts store i went..they didnt have SGP..nor a monroe...but they had KYB. so I bought the KYB. the KYB was nearly a good fit..but not near enought..it took some banging persuasion to fit them. we installed them first with the lift spacers...and the whole front cab was lifted higher than the rear. the driver's side wheel was OK..but the passenger wheel was now slanting. eeeek. we stopped work because it was already dusk. that was yesterday. and today im in the office, waiting for word from my mechanic friend on how my zuk is doing without the spacers.

    maybe they gave me a longer shock absorber...im thinking of returning the shock and have it replaced with a shorter one. btw, im not a mechanic.
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  8. jarret321

    jarret321 New Member

    Just an FYI.... I recently ordered a 2 1/4" lift for my 95 Suzuki Carry. Once received and excited to install I got to work. After installing I noticed a sharp angle on my short axle on the left front side. I went with 2 1/4 to avoid this issue. Well I then measured spacer and found that there was a mistake in shipping and I got the 3". I spoke with tech support and was told to lift the front of my truck and try turning the tire and check for binding. After doing so the tire wouldn't turn at all. I got back in contact and I have the correct spacers being sent to me now, they were very quick to get this problem solved for me. hopefully the 2 1/4" will let my wheel spin freely or I will be going without a lift at all. Thanks to all for all the great info shared on this site. I am the only owner of one of these great trucks around here and this is a great source of info for me!
  9. C3imports

    C3imports Member

    I just installed a 2 1/4 Xroads on my Mitsi. It is a add a leaf rear and spacer front set up. It was easy to install with a set up shop and I am very happy with the final camber. maybe a degree or to off but still very good. no binding as I had to push the truck in and out of the shop the other day due to head Gasket change out in progress. If you have this kit and have questions I say 10 out of 10 on this kit.
  10. jarret321

    jarret321 New Member

    C3... just as a suggestion, be sure to lift the front tires off the ground and check for binding. I also have other issues with my truck when I installed the 3" lift. it also rolled in the garage with no issues. After following the techs suggestion I jacked the front tires off the ground and what rolled smoothly on the floor, wouldn't move at all once lifted. I am assuming that this is a test of the most extreme angle you may encounter when off roading. I am hoping that the 2 1/4" spacers will solve this issue for me, as I really want a bit more clearance without straining the drive train to much. Also what tire size did you go with on the 2 1/4" I am thinking about going with 23".
  11. C3imports

    C3imports Member

    I am running some ITP SS112 with 185/60r 14 tires, as I use this on the steet and the odd light off raod trip. If it was doing more off raod these tires are not the answer. With it jacked the I can feel a little resistance on the left side but being a steet truck it never gets to that extention. If off roading it is pretty slow so I don't let it worry me to much.
  12. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    My truck is lifted three inches, dirves good and does not bind up... But, looking at it from the front the wheels are tilited in at the bottom, and it is eating up those front tires tires like crazy because I run it on asphalt a lot... Any thoughts on this?
    It was done bu the person I bought the truck from, who also offered to sell me more tires when I need them, which won't be long!
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  13. jarret321

    jarret321 New Member

    The lift I had purchased has an adjustable camber. To verify if your is adjustable pop out the seats and look at the top of strut spacers. If these are slotted you are able to adjust the camber. If not I would suggest replacing them with those that can. For less than the price of 2 tires you can replace the spacers with adjustable spacers. In the long run you will have a better ride and longer tire life. Hope this helps you out.
  14. Wyothing

    Wyothing New Member

    I placed a 21/4" lift from xroads on my 200 Suzuki. No problems with the CV binding but the camber is way off. No adjustment on it either. The kit says adjustable camber but this is not so. I need to call xroads as all I got was the spacer for the top.
    After looking things over however, I am planning on having my local machine shop "engineer" a spacer for the lower end of the strut and eliminate the spacer on top. This would move the spring /strut up and give significant clearance. Right now there is only about 1/2" gap between the spring and tire. The only problem here is cost. About $350. But, they can build in some adjustment for camber.
  15. jclee

    jclee Member

    I just put the www.xroadsimport.com 3" lift kit on my 94 suzuki carry and 25" tires and every thing worked out great.
  16. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    Yes the 2 1/4" Stage 1 lift for the 1999 & newer Suzuki is not adjustable camber. We do have two Stage 2 lifts for those same trucks that result in perfect camber. We have them in 4" and 2". They are the way to go.
  17. jclee

    jclee Member


    The 3" lift kit I put on from xroads was adjustable to get the camber back right.I was very pleased with the kit and the front after I put it on.The front end shop said it was A ok with the camber,just had to set the toe in.Price was good also.
  18. Just had my 2 1/4 lift kit and long travel shocks from www.xroadsimport.com installed. They definitely made the truck look great and added a much more comfortable ride.
  19. archeric

    archeric New Member

    I used a 4" lift from crossroads and went to 25" tires..... very little camber issues.... I work at a Automotive repair shop and we align vehicles, it's not out enough to worry about..... check out my pics in the photo gallery.

  20. Wyothing

    Wyothing New Member

    I did talk to Cory at xroads where I bought my lift. I muststand corrected as the lift kit I bought dows not adjust the camber. The stage two drops the differential and then the camber is adjustable. I however put aftermarket 14" wheels and tires on mine. It looks awesome but the camber is way off. I had a machine shop make two attemtps at some corrections but they failed. I looked it over last night and think I have the answer but it will take a little fabrication. My problem is that the truck is a 2000 and the struts are 4-5 diameter. This is nearly touching the larger tire. I would like to be able to place tire chains on it since the tires I have are not ideal for off road.

    Once I get it figured out, I will post pictures of it all. I did build a front and rear bumper and put receiver hitches in both. Another truck owner asked where I bought them as they look custop. They cost me about $135 for the metal and then it was just a weekend to get em built and on.
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