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LED part numbers

Discussion in 'References' started by Wickedawesome, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Wickedawesome

    Wickedawesome New Member

    I've replaced all lights to LED and thought this might be helpful.
    Price's are in Canadian dollars.

    This was done on a 1994 Suzuki Carry DD51T

    Headlights (Fitment issues with whole assemblies. Make sure the ones you pick mimick traditional sizing.)
    $89.99 for 2

    Brake Lights
    $22.99 for 2

    Front & Rear Turn Signals
    $14.99 for 2

    Parking, Reverse, License, and Side Signals
    $20.99 for 10

    Dome Light
    3175 festoon
    $11.52 for 2

    Dash Lights (x4)
    194 low brightness bulbs, T10 sockets
    $6.99 for 4
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  2. JP2

    JP2 New Member

    Awesome. Thanks. I’ll be using this to order all LED for my ‘97
  3. Fatdabistan

    Fatdabistan New Member

    Thanks for the research! I'll include an update for what my 95 Hijet S110P took:

    Headlights: Previously replaced https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08TQQSVRD/

    Brake lights (2): 1157

    Dome light (1): 3175

    Running lights (2): N/A (using replacement headlights)

    Side/corner turn signals (2): 194

    Front & rear turn signals (4): 1156 w/ in-line resistors to avoid hyperflashing

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