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LED light replacements

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Koffer, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    I’ve been replacing bulbs here and there as the big issues and regular maintenance have been taken care of and I can do little upgrades .
    I’ve replaced the headlights with LEDs as one of the old H4 (9003) halogens was some weird blue tinted mess and the other was dim and getting brown on the inside as the filament was slowly burning up .
    Got a set of replacement ones off Amazon that were a plug and play , they were able to handle the negative switching no problem ,needed no special adapters
    The then replaced the stop/tail/running lights in the rear with a set of sylvania 1157Zevo LED bulbs in red ( I think they were the 2357 can’t remember but which ever were brighter) went with the red as it white just gets some of the light filtered out by the red lens .
    Big difference in brightness and more disbursed throughout the stock red lens without the hot spot in the middle . Instant brake light Much faster then the old incandescent bulbs .
    Today I did the 3rd brake light as there was one of the 4) 912 group bulbs was intermittent . Plus 6 amps was a bit much for that inclosed housing and was showing a bit in the sockets as the bulbs in a couple were stuck to the plastic sockets .
    Installed 4 red LED units that were CANBUS compatible from amazon So no need to worry about which way they were installed . With them installed it now looks as just one solid LED across the housing instead of 4 hot spots from the 4 incandescent bulbs . Had the SO helping with the brake pedal to check if I needed to swap bulbs if polarity was going to be an issue. She asked how much of a difference it would make so I just did 2 at first and had her take a look while I pushed the pedal . She was amazed as the difference in just how fast the reaction time was from off to full brightness when seen side by side .
    The next will be the interior lights but I want to find some that are a warm white and not the bright white most seem to be .
    I figured I’ve so far removed at least 25+% of load or more off the Lighting circuit
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2020
  2. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

    If you bought any of these bulbs online (I know you mentioned the headlights were from Amazon) can you post product links for each of them? I want to do all of this to mine as well but there are just so many options to pick from.
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  3. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    I got two sets of these for the 3rd brake light
    Put this set in the one Subaru
    . This set I’m running in my van atm
    They seem to work well and I liked the beam adjustably of the light pattern but not a fan of getting the power supply box to fit anywhere easily and put the inside footwell cover
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  4. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    This is fantastic having these links. Just getting an Every and one of the first bits to be done is LED everything I can.

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