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Leaf Spring bearings

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by geauxtigers, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. geauxtigers

    geauxtigers New Member

    I am going to be installing a rear bumper on my 1994 Acty that attaches through the leaf spring bolts. My leaf spring bearings are pretty well shot. I am on a waiting list for a stock replacement set with a supplier, but was also investigating some poly universal bearings from an on-line supplier. The only problem is that I need the dimensions of the bearings to see if they offer a generic set that will fit. Does anyone have the dimensions of these bearings? Thanks!
  2. Limestone

    Limestone Active Member

    I may be out of line here, as I am not familiar with your vehicle. Especially without pics.! I'm just not sure about mounting a bumper through the leaf spring bolts! Just not sure about this application! What's the reason for going this route? It's easier, simpler, you don't want to Fabricate, weld? Just trying to understand WHY!
  3. geauxtigers

    geauxtigers New Member

    Limestone: I purchased the bumper from a Michigan MiniTrucks dealer. It is designed with brackets that mount through the leaf spring bolts. Thanks for your interest.
  4. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020
  5. geauxtigers

    geauxtigers New Member

    Shogun: Thanks for your response, I'll give that a try!
  6. Limestone

    Limestone Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I guess that would work, just not on mine! If you bump(bumper) into something, now you could damage your springs, and whatever else! I'm old fashioned, and incorporated mine off the frame! I just wasn't understanding the whole mount off the spring bolt idea, but I guess anything goes in this lazy , throw away society that we live in today!

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