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Larger wheels and tires

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Dalagoo, Jan 15, 2024.

  1. Dalagoo

    Dalagoo New Member

    Hi all. Have a 1997 Diahatsu Hijet, and want to use 14 in wheels and a 185/55/14 tire. Any info as to clearance without a lift? Just dont want any rubbing problems.
  2. Rs2

    Rs2 Member

    Check tire size.com and take some measurements. I know that would be too tall for my ACTY.

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  3. Dalagoo

    Dalagoo New Member

    Well I made a 22 inch template to see if it would rub. Got about 3/4 inch space on the front fender.
  4. Dalagoo

    Dalagoo New Member

    Anyone else use 14 in rims? No lift?
  5. ionstorm66

    ionstorm66 Member

    25 fit a 89 Hijet with progressive springs up front and a 1.5 inch lift in the back.

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