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KS4A carburetor

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by swampfox, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. swampfox

    swampfox Member

    Could anyone share the carburetor adjustment procedure and schematic for the KS4A, serial #KS4-055144 truck? Are there any service manuals out there for this truck? Mine has been great except for constant rich-running problems. At first, if I parked the truck with the rear lower than the cab, it would really be flooded. I guess this may be indicating the need for a carburetor kit/rebuild, but I've found that fiddling with the carb can make it run cleaner. Once I checked the air filter, and it was just soaked with fuel. Changing it really helped for a while. Another thing that really seemed to give it more power was changing the original Denso dual-electrode plugs (K20DTR-S11) to Denso Iridium plugs (IK20 with a number printed under that on the box of 5304). I was finally able to get a parts store to cross-reference these plugs. The truck always starts with fuel smoke and some roughness; then clears up almost immediately after about a block or so. I may be imagining this, but it seems that even after warmed up, the truck runs richer while in reverse. I believe what I really need is a carburetor kit and enough info to adjust it properly. Could anyone help with this as well as a source for the kit.
  2. chadhite

    chadhite Silver Supporting Member

    I have had several subaru carbs rebuilt. If you can't find a kit let me know and I can have it rebuilt.
  3. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Good question. I'm looking for a carb rebuild kit for my honda acty, but can not find one either. There must be someone who makes carb rebuild kits for all makes and models of mini trucks??
    Someone on this forum must know something? Anyone?
  4. Barky

    Barky Member

    So what's with all the carb rebuilds? I thought that these trucks were fairly young in terms of km - do they suffer from need of repair so quickly? I'm still in the pre-purchase phase and am trying to gain insight into how much maintaining these things need, or if there are typical problems common to them all.
  5. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    The carb on my Hijet looks alot like a motorcycle carb. From my experience with older motorcycles, they can be a bit more fussy than a "regualr" automotive carb. I'm dealing with intermittent idling issues, and I'm smelling gas in my truck at times as well. This is why I prefer EFI over carbs.
  6. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member


    my Midget has a flat spot off idle. can't seem to get it out. 2 inch pipe and turbo muffler seem to have made it worse. local dealer has yet to return any calls. guess my money ain't green!
  7. funky-monkey

    funky-monkey Guest

    Hi All
    Darren here from the UK,,,new to the forum & finding my way around
    I had problems with one of my subaru's running rich,,black smoke,,to much fuel,,,stripped it all down & found that the "wax stat" had perished,,,this as far as I know opens & closes the auto choke,,put in another one & problem sorted.
    This may be the same problem some of you guys are having

    Take Care
  8. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    What is a "wax stat"? Where did you purchase a new one?

    Thou many of these trucks have low km, age has a lot to do with a carburetor and how it runs. Fuel, and especially if the truck is not run very often, can clog parts in the carb, and every 15 years or so they need a good cleaning. EFI is far superior, but you have to get at least a 1999+ model to get EFI.
    I find my old motorcycle carbs are much easier to work on than my Acty, its the whole auto choke circuit that confuses me the most. On a motorcycle you have a manual choke that for me anyway, makes it easier.

    Still wondering where you can purchase a carb rebuild kit, with all the goodies like jets, needles, "wax stats???" and so on. Do any of the vendors stock or sell such a thing???

  9. funky-monkey

    funky-monkey Guest

    Hi Mark
    I was lucky,,cus i've got several subaru's I was able to nick a complete carb from one of my others

    I've got a parts manual coming from Japan so may be able to help you with part numbers,,maybee even parts

    You'r a long way from me,,i'm sure i've seen a guy on here servicing carbs ,& he's you'r side of the pond !

    you'r right about the petrol,,this new petrol,these days goes like snot if left in the tank/carb,,,,If i'm not running my bikes over the winter months I allways drain em right out of juice

    I have about a dozen sambas but they are all vans,,I convert them into little vw camper relicas & they can be used on the road here

    I have just got myself a little pick up & fancy doing something like you guys tend to go for.So where can I get myself a nice aggresive set of wheels & tyres & a decent lift kit ?

    I don't use the front bumpers or headlights or indicators/sidelights,,let me know if any of you need front bumpers or lights before I e bay them

    I can get parts direct from Japan but i'm hoping it will be a lot easier once I have a manual in my hands

    Once I learn how to put pics up on here i'll show you my truck & show you what we do to the vans

    Take Care
  10. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Thanks for the reply Darren, great info.

    Is the manual you are getting in English or Japanese?

    Its always handy to have parts machines around to swap/borrow parts from, i need a parts truck too!

    I always drain fuel from the carb before i store my baby for the winter.

    I'm actually a honda acty man, not a subaru guy, but i just have been putting my 10cents into this thead. Hopefully swampfox can still get his questions answered too, as he started this thead, sorry for hijacking.

    Take care,
  11. funky-monkey

    funky-monkey Guest

    Hi Mark
    The manual's in Japaneese ,,but the part numbers are in engish,,so should be very usefull.Don't think there was an english one made,,but not sure on that,,i'm no expert on em,,.Honda acty was my first mini van & the van that started my soft spot for these mini trucks

    I'm not a very big guy myself so i'm a beleiver that the best things come in small pakages !! I also got a few monkey bikes to grow into !!

    Honda acty's were here,still are a few left,,getting a manual & service parts for them should be easy for those,,hey,,I may still even have a manual & a owners manual,,,let me know if you want it

    Take Care
  12. Randyk1

    Randyk1 New Member

    Has anyone found a carb kit yet?

    I am having a similar problem with my acty, it is running rich, if I take the top off the piston in the carb the truck will run properly, but still too rich, the truck idles great, and starts easily, but bogs down and unable to drive it.

    Any suggestions??

    I have pulled the carb off, and cleaned it all out, was very clean on the inside and no varnish to speak off.
  13. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    Most Japanese carbs have a diapragm that pulls the choke open when the engine starts. It is vacuum operated. If the diapragm has a leak the car will run rich. I had a Chrysler with a Mikuni carb that had this problem. The part was very expensive and the cheap fix was to drill a small hole in the choke plate. Living out here on the west coast winter starting isn't a problem so not having the choke fully closed when cranking worked fine.
  14. Rebelmini

    Rebelmini New Member

    does anyone have a electric choke for a 1998 subie?
  15. Mike farrell

    Mike farrell New Member

    My KS4 carb is shot do to water. Looking for a kit or rebuilt carb.

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