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KS4 stereo wiring colour code

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Maximal, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    I dont know if this should be made to be a sticky, the questions come up a few times

    KS4 use a regular single DIN stereo, early 90s and prior have 2 vehicle connectors, mid 90s and newer have a single connector. if you want to hardwire the stereo like i did, that doesnt matter. if you want to properly use a Scosche or whatever adapter, you need to find the proper one. on the 2 connector vehicle harness, the 1990+ Subaru universal adapter does NOT work. you need a different one

    stereo is easy to pop out, 2 screws up top on the front and inside 2 screws at the back. the original cage fins need to be transferred to an aftermarket stereo. the plastic OEM surround shouldnt need modification, since i have a slide out TV screen stereo i had to cut the top part of the surrounding else the screen wouldnt slide out

    the wiring is as follows-

    TRUCK HARNESS BLACK AND BLACK W/GREEN STRIPE- both ground, one is for the cigar lighter and one is for the radio. i wired both to the stereo black ground into a 3 way tie and have had no issues.

    TRUCK HARNESS WHITE W/BLUE STRIPE- 12v constant/memory, goes to stereos yellow wire usually

    TRUCKS BLUE W/BLACK STRIPE- 12 switched/ignition, usually goes to stereo red wire

    SPEAKER- grey with black stripe is speaker ground, grey with red stripe is speaker positive. pickups dont have a speaker on the left side OEM, if you want to add one then wire it up nows the time

    otherwise the antenna is the same plug but you will need a antenna extender wire to hook it up to a aftermarket stereo, Wal-Mart/Canadian Tire etc $10. also with LED headlights and LED light bar i for some reason got static on the radio when i turned them on, a car stereo interference filter on the constant 12v wire seems to have fixed it
  2. Rcooper917

    Rcooper917 Member

    I install sony 4x6 speakers as well. My truck only had 1 on the drivers side. I was able to take a dermel tool and remove some of the plastic and they fit well. Each speaker grill has 2 screws in the bottom
  3. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    ive debated doing 4x6 speakers too. for some reason if i approach a wall or follow close to a vehicle ahead of me only with headlights on i still get static interference through the radio but not aux, filter helped a bit but not a ton
  4. Rcooper917

    Rcooper917 Member

    I used the factory harness with the metra 17 1780 pigtail. Sodiered and shrink wrapped all connections including ones I didn't use. Seems to work perfect. Putting in the 4x6's took about 1hr to get right. I didn't what to remove anymore material than necessary. Also had to cut and soidered new connectors on factory wiring harness. We'll worth the time and money. Now have Bluetooth, hands free calling, CD, MP3, USB....Etc.All for about $100
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