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KS4 Chassis parts

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Maximal, May 10, 2017.

  1. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    hey, so someone cut infront of me when i had a green light and the front left of my 1991 KS4 is toast. the estimate at minimum comes to a complete left door assembly, front bumper assembly, and left side headlight shroud (round eye model). im fighting with their insurance that because this is completely not my fault and its an uncommon vehicle here i want it fixed and not totaled out considering ive put $2k of work into it this year. its estimated value is around $10k and the estimate is about $4k in repair to bend out the rest of the metal

    does anyone know where i can source junkyard truck parts from Japan? im in Alberta and ive called importers in Ontario and Montreal but none will do Sambar parts, im trying some BC importers now. as is ive bent the door back so its driveable but my body shop is looking for part price estimates asap. thanks!
  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

  3. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    Awesome thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow. It handled the hit well and I'm still driving it around just fine but doesn't look great lol
  4. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    Just out of curiosity, How did you get the estimated value at $10k?
  5. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    Just generic importing sites, I found many examples of comparable fully loaded carb 4x4 ks4 with 85,000km for $9,000. Mines got lower mileage and far better shape so they're bumping it up higher. When my mom hit a deer with her van I did the same thing and found many comparable ones for a high price and the insurance company stuck to the 80% repair estimate after we fought enough
  6. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    Eh, just because it is listed at $9k does not mean that it would sell for anywhere near that much.

    I just brought in a 1992 Sambar KS4 Supercharged with 48,000km for under $2,500 (including truck, shipping, insurance, and import duty). Sure, I skipped the middleman and imported it myself to save a bit.. but I regularly see Sambars of similar age and condition already stateside for $5k or so.
  7. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    As long as you can find comparables they don't really argue the price, my mom hit a deer in her 2001 Toyota sienna and we found 2-3 low mileage comparables worth more than they should be and the insurance company ended up fixing it instead of write off because the comparables
  8. PhilM

    PhilM Member

    You can buy parts directly from japaan based online auction sites through a third party called www.rinky.com You bid on items through their website and they bid on the item for you and then handle the shipping. It is expensive as you have to pay for shipping to their facality and then shipping to you in the US but you can get parts directly. I bought a nice used carb for my Sambar that way.
  9. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    So carepo got back to me and they can get the parts but the body shop said they can't do overseas parts, I don't get why but once the insurance company gets back to me I'll dig into it more
  10. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    Carepo at least was able to get my a light for my Toyota but their insurance wrote off my sambar, they located parts in Ontario but their appraiser appraised mine at 9000 and the damage is 9000 minimal. They're just going to pay it out and I'll import a low mileage one. Got double what I paid for it at least

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