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Kei class are legal in SOME states

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by comprodigy, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    All you can do is ask around. The worst they can say is no.
  2. canoebuildah

    canoebuildah Member

    You can check to see if your state allows "Special Mobile Equipment" registration. Maine does offer it and I have been told by the State that they can be registered that way. I didn't mention it to person I spoke to but I know that it still will not be legal in the eyes of the EPA so your experience will vary.
  3. stevert

    stevert Member

    The Federal Government agency D.O.T. / NHSTA

    8. Importing a vehicle that is at least 25 years old. http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/FAQ Site/pages/page2.html

    "A motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the U.S. without regard to whether it complies with all applicable FMVSS. Such a vehicle would be entered under Box 1 on the HS-7 Declaration form to be given to Customs at the time of importation. If you wish to see that form, you may download a copy from our website at www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import. You should note that the 25 year period runs from the date of the vehicle's manufacture. If the date of manufacture is not identified on a label permanently affixed to the vehicle by its original manufacturer, to establish the age of the vehicle, you should have documentation available such as an invoice showing the date the vehicle was first sold or a registration document showing that the vehicle was registered at least 25 years ago. Absent such information, a statement from a recognized vehicle historical society identifying the age of the vehicle could be used". :eek::eek::eek:

    Anyone got a 1983 or earlier they want to sell ?!?!?!:eek:

    On ebay I saw a 1980 model year that was "FEDERALLY LEGAL" to be driven ON ROAD. This prompted my research.
  4. stevert

    stevert Member

    WRONG! Read above...
  5. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    This is not news and has been discussed on these forums before. Yes, if the truck (or any car) is 25 years or older they can, generally, be registered in the U.S. I posted a fun ebay auction of an old Sambar a while back that could (and was) legally registered. The problem is most of those older trucks are even smaller in size and have even smaller engines than the vast majority of the Kei class trucks being imported now. What abcminitrucks said is true...for vehicles that are younger than 25 years.
  6. stevert

    stevert Member

    Ummm Oh. Im new and had not taken the time to read all the replies other that this one. I was only responding to

    "it is Federal Law that makes these trucks for OFF ROAD USE ONLY"

    I did not see comment of 25+ years...

    Besides, Can't a reman or newer motor be installed?
  7. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    My truck is plated and titled as an on road motor vehicle. I've stated before that this is what the state granted. By STATE statutes, my vehicle passed the required rules applicable for Texas to be registered. By EPA standards, I'm in violation of THEIR rules. So, if there are people who want to register them for on road use, they need to get with their state to see if they will allow it. Some will, most won't. If your state will allow them to be plated for on road use, then you do so, knowing full well that this is circumventing the feds - who I think are idiots for putting the rediculous restrictions in place. Now, I don't expect the feds to come knocking on my door to hold me at gunpoint while dragging my truck away, especially since it came here properly modified to pass customs. Anyone (myself included) who puts them on the roads in the U.S., assumes the responsibilities for any consequences of their actions - whatever they may be.
  8. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    Haw many 1983 or older RUNNING KEI trucks have you seen in the US?...I did not mention the 25 year old exception becuase it is rare.
    But always great to hear from a rookie know it all. :frustration::frustration:
  9. stevert

    stevert Member

    What..... You think you know it all?????(BIG FISH, LITTLE POND SYNDROME) Thanks for the rookie comment in the negative connitation you imply You A$$! :mad: The info you didn't state that I happen to was becuase of you wrote the word "ONLY"! For new "ROOKIES" like myself looking for info in your little pond (THIS IS YOUR WORLD BOSS, I'M JUST TRY'N TO GET A NUT) of a forum, I felt it worthy to post accurate info as to state every possibility of legal ownership you chose not to mention (WHATS GOOD FOR BUSH IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY...WHATS GOOD FOR ABCMINITRUCK IS GOOD FOR ALL). Apperently you have issues with mini trucks on the road becuase it may hurt how you profit as you seem to state, despite what most on people do want.:sly: I wanted to state that 83 model year or older can be on the road for those ROOKIES that may have not known. The topic was not about the mechanical state or condition! Though, I would have no problem restoring that year model to new condition as I'm sure others would be willing to do. Just stating "UN BIAS" accurate FACTS so people who come to forums like this one have "ALL" the facts as trivial as you may think it is. Acerguy... rather then a welcome from you... I get a HEY YOU STUPID like comment in defense of you sand box buddy (THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ABCMINITRUCK) ABC "JOESPH STALIN" MINITRUCKS. Sorry to have wasted text and cluttering it with info you may already know!!!!! I didn't mean to mess up you forum here with info only ABCMINITRUCKS (POND SHARK) is qualified to post. Really dude..... You need to get a life.
  10. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    Thanks for the kind words. I am sure you will get what you are looking for with an attidude like that. No wonder the government officals would not listen to you.
  11. namgreb

    namgreb New Member

    Legality Issues.....not murder!

    Hello to All who enjoy the info on this forum,

    While I have not posted much of any info (as I am still waiting for my 14 trucks to hit my door and learn), I do enjoy all the help everyone offers. I have ready for what I believe to be every post in the forum. I'm not a lawyer....but I do know that there is nothing illegal about talking about attempting to change laws, clarify laws, or finding loopholes in laws in this country.
    ABCMINITRUCKS, I understand your concern about saving your business and your fear that this little forum in the world wide web will change legislation to stop importing kei trucks. But please just chill out!!!! You have clearly made your point about not talking about law breaking. Let people discuss laws.

    Discussing laws is not against the law!!!!!!
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  12. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    Discussing how to break the law is illegal, and against the rules of this forum. Good luck with your new dealership.
  13. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    I think there's a lot of people that want these trucks legal, but when there's a federal law that prohibits them to be street legal in the USA, then we should all follow that law. We've been down this road in another thread and when we start to discuss this people start to get upset and it just doesn't create a forum that people want to be involved in.

    So lets find another topic to talk about or I'll close this thread all so.

  14. namgreb

    namgreb New Member

    Rea what we say...


    Just an FYI. I NEVER mentioned being a dealer nore do I plan on being one. I just bought 14 trucks with a few friends. Stop making assumptions about all of us.
  15. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    OK my bad, but I would think any reasonalble person would assume you were going to be a dealer, since you refer to all 14 trucks as yours. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. De-icer

    De-icer Member

    If you've got 14 trucks coming in you should be a dealer, that's more stock than most anyone on here has.
  17. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    ...........:D....good times, good times......;) ... I will have to give my 2 cents though... this has by far been the most enternaining and informative topic on this site......:D .. Happy Holidays !
  18. hamradio

    hamradio Member

    So, can one for sure import a 25 year or older truck, and register it? Guys do it with a lot of other cars, it seems, that would not be epa certified in the us (like golfs and such).
  19. steve_nagoya

    steve_nagoya Member

    Yes you can import a 25 year old truck. We see them for sale here and some are in pretty decent shape.

    Just be aware of the import regulations. We've got a client importing one and he's been told there are more steps to importing. Please consult an experienced customs broker for the proper steps.
  20. hamradio

    hamradio Member


    another question, typically what are the 25+ yo trucks? 550's? all 2wd?
  21. steve_nagoya

    steve_nagoya Member

    Well, yes they are 550s but I've seen 2WD and 4WD. I've even seen older trucks with 360cc engines. Wow!
  22. Road legal Kei's

    Aint gonna happen!

    EPA and Customs are dedicated on keeping these off the roads. Now a dealer must tell you in writing that it is for off road use only as well as putting a sticker on the truck. It must also have a specific shift restrictor plate that is welded in place to prevent the use of all but 1st & reverse gears. Dealers are now not suppose to give the purchaser the export certificate necessary to get a title.

    Seem like our boys in the Government are fighting tooth and toenalil to keep these off the roads.

    Wonder if they can explain why Cushman Trucksters, Motorcycles and some other vehicles are allowed on.

    Would sure rather crash a Mini than a cushman!
  23. fyneyoungstunna

    fyneyoungstunna New Member

    KIT car anyone?? the smart cars were imported as kit cars long before they were marketed in the us. i know here in colorado the mini trucks can be made legal... as far as other states.... but i think kentucky, georgia, texas, west virginia,montana,alabama,and kansas are likely to be able to be made street legal. oh and the 25yr clause applies to all imported "domestically street legal vehicles" HOWEVER, there are still a lot of hoops to jump through so you better know your stuff.
  24. scesnick

    scesnick Member

    O.K. then here is a question for ya. "IF" ( and that is a big if ) you somehow manage to get a mini registered and tagged so it is street legal in oh, say West Virginia, could you then drive it in other states that DO NOT allow them to be tagged???
  25. scesnick

    scesnick Member

    It might be against the rules here, but discussing how to break the law is certainly NOT illegal...
  26. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    Ok, so that means we can discuss on a public forum how to manufacture Crystal Meth. What's the difference? Ever heard of conspiracy?
  27. abcminitrucks

    abcminitrucks Member

    I know it is very difficult in Georgia to get these trucks registered, especially without a title or a US standard VIN. Plus they will not pass the emmision tests required by the state of Georgia.
  28. fyneyoungstunna

    fyneyoungstunna New Member

    O.K. then here is a question for ya. "IF" ( and that is a big if ) you somehow manage to get a mini registered and tagged so it is street legal in oh, say West Virginia, could you then drive it in other states that DO NOT allow them to be tagged???

    thats a good question. ill look into that.
    but you might run into something like we run into here in Colorado with our gun laws. You see, here in Colorado springs you can carry a gun on your person without a permit, as long as its out in plain site,its a state rule, but many counties don't yet recognize it(wait i think i may have said that backwards) it so a lot of people were getting into some trouble....Until they provided the proof and legal documents with this on it.

    you might run into the same problem county to count... you see only on the highway does state legislation trump county when it comes to vehicles. so check with your county, then with your state.

    but the best idea i have heard so far is to try to get the legislature to grandfather us in with the same provisions it does for the Smart cars, it doesn't take as long as one would think if you go about it right.
  29. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    ABC, have you tried to have an emissions test done? Mini's have a catalytic converter so I would think they would "blow" clean enough to pass a smog test.

    Second, I find this discussion on legalities of road use interesting. Many say they are imported for off road use only therefore, it is illegal for a state to register them for on road use. Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos, Quads, Golf Carts etc... are not imported or manufactured for on road use either. The point is states have the discretion/authority (and many have) to authorize these vehicles for "limited road use" Case in point. Arizona allows Quads to be registered for "limited" use as long as they have the proper safety equipment installed i.e. rear view mirror, horn, blinkers, etc... So is Arizona in violation of Federal DOT laws? I don't think so. I think the confusion lies with licensing them for road use and licensing them for "limited" or "restricted" road use.

    Another example, California. You have to have a "Green Sticker" for all off road vehicles. I can take a VW Bug engine, some steel pipe and bolt on four tires in my buddies garage call it a sand rail and take it to DMV and they will give me a green sticker as long as it has the required safty equipment. If I take a mini truck there, they will scratch there head and say you can't register it. Doesn't make sense to me.

    I am not trying to open a can of worms here. However, I find it amazing that one can argue that licensing mini trucks for limited or restricted on road use is a violation of Federal Laws any more then licensing a Rhino, polaris, etc... The later were imported for off road use as well.

    Just my thoughts.

  30. myhijet

    myhijet Member

    I find this topic interesting. the dealers are aware of the way the mini's may be used, just as the dealer selling the new viper or vette or other car knows it may exceed the speed limit. I drive my mini on public roads. I share them with atv's, feed trucks, tractors, under age drivers, and registered vehicles. I use mine in the capacity of farm utility vehicle. I should have an orange flag on it but i don't. When I get too the end of my public road, i am off road... checking cows, setting water, checking pivots, or loading it on a trailer as my way of moving vehicles around with one person. Someone local made the comment to the point of "i'm gonna use it like i want and am ready to argue with anyone that doesn't like it". I have farm utility vehicle insurance on my mini which has the same coverage as my cars and my parents 4 atv's. anyhow... thanks to the importers for their efforts, and if everything that was ever used illegally was totally outlawed, all we would have is
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