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K truck Owner Frustration In WI & MN !!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ken54, May 8, 2023.

  1. Ken54

    Ken54 New Member

    Frustration, Frustration, Frustration….. New K truck owner and having buying remorse in a big way!!! Have a cabin in Northern WI and after looking at UTV’s I ran into some Mini Trucks. UTV are around 25k for something that has plastic doors and windshield wiper. The more I researched these little trucks the more the value appeared. AC and Heat in a closed cab!!! I wanted to use it on property as a utility vehicle pulling my fishing boat out of water, hauling wood, etc as well take it out on the DNR trails and just check out the scenery. I read the DNR site in WI for what is defined as a UTV and K truck met every single requirement. I bought one had a lift kit installed and shipped to me in MN at my residence.

    Now I find I can’t register as a UTV in WI or MN!! It appears I did not read down to the next paragraph where WI DNR explicitly states you can’t register a mini truck as a UTV. Really why? Meets every single check mark as a UTV. Width restrictions, weight restrictions, lights, signals, motor size, tires, etc, etc, I have also found I can’t register it in WI for the road because I am a nonresident, and you have another car registered as your primary. Attempting to get insurance today is proving to be just as difficult. I believe these MINI Trucks are nice, and I have one that has no rust new paint Job and I just put 1,000.00 worth of RIMs and tires on it. Got a roof rack putting on it and getting a bumper installed. I really thought this would be an awesome way to get my wife out on the UTV trails during the cold fall season change when it is cold and have heat in a closed cab and enjoy a nice drive down a groomed UTV trail that goes all the way to Lake Superior. I even thought we may take it out in summer when dust is crazy on these UTV trails, and it is Hot as this little guy has air…. UTV trail is more less just a narrow gravel/dirt road that goes forever up there in the absolute middle of NOWHERE.

    Well, Think again!!! It appears that “the powers that be” don’t want to attempt to compete with K trucks as this would put a big dent in UTV sales. Really frustrated that A: I did not call DNR before I bought this truck and B: did not use my common sense and know that UTV lobbyist would already have government DNR in their back pockets by now. It is painful when you realize you are not as smart as you think you are.
  2. Kevin in NC

    Kevin in NC Member Supporting Member

    I hate it for you. The laws in some states make no sense to me. Mini trucks are great for the uses you stated above. My Suzuki Carry dump truck was cheaper than a golf cart with the stupid chrome rims they all seem to come with now. And far more useful for me. Mini trucks are somewhat restricted here in North Carolina for road use. Since I'm running trails on my own property I don't need to register mine.
    Kevin in NC
  3. OhDeer

    OhDeer Active Member Supporting Member

    Holy crap! You just made me price out what golf carts sell for, and they are very firmly in "more money than brains" territory.
  4. Ken54

    Ken54 New Member

    These trucks are more dangerous then most small cars for road use but not by much if you look at the little "mini" Smart cars that are street legal on all roads including interstate freeways. Smart cars might be more dangerous? My whole point in my original post is simply the financial influence that is obviously being applied to DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) in WI & MN by lobbyist that are driving these laws to outlaw k trucks. I am NOT trying to be political here but there is zero reason Mini Trucks can't be registered as a UTV!! (Utility Task Vehicles) MN is where Polaris is made so I am sure its a complete coincidence that in this state the "state run" DNR specifically calls out "mini trucks" as to being illegal for use on dirt trails in the middle of the wilderness that has average speed of 25-30 miles an hour. <Insert Eye Role Here) So if you want to legally use a "UTV" on these state run trails in the Midwest (MN or WI) you have to spend 30,000.00 on a Polaris or Canam. Golf Carts are not even in same category as Mini Trucks or UTV's. I believe Golf Carts are used to play a game with little balls and sticks on groomed property and some folks also buy them to drive around retirement communities after their knees and hips stop working properly :)
  5. Whalepirot

    Whalepirot New Member

    BTW, having owned one of the first Smart cars [2008], I've corrected many such safety concerns from others. The 5-Star [top] rating is due to a MB-engineered,, very rigid frame protecting the passengers plus four air bags.

    I bought body panels from a guy near DEN who spoke of being rear-ended by a semi, while stopped at a traffic light. The car was fine with new plastic body panels and still in daily service post-repair. Ours was the most trouble, of 30+ owned vehicles over 50 years needing solely a HVAC motor atop routine mx.

    Sorry for your travails with the state. AZ is far more rational [free] than many.
  6. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Even in NC, the only restriction is to not drive on the Fed interstates but you would have to be insane to do that anyway when a kei truck can't go faster than about 65mph anyway. I hope you get your issues resolved. Good luck.
  7. rmay635703

    rmay635703 Member

    It’s all political, there are local producers who make overpriced and street legal side by sides, Wisdot and MN don’t want competition for ma jobs.

    thankfully the 25 year law is finally in force so you can plate on road use, stupid that a UTV can be used on thousands of miles of road as street legal and trail but not a mini

    ah well

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