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K & N and spark plug rcommendations

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Mighty Milt, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    as i'm recovering from surgery and able to tinker a bit more, i just spend my afternoons in the garage cussing the mvd for their evil ways and dreaming up what mods i'll do when my registration process and title bond is complete.

    as i was laying under the truck pulling the air filter to clean it, i got to wondering two things; has anyone found the K&N filter that fits a late model daihatsu yet? and what the hell is with the funny looking snorkel thing from the air filter that runs to the frame rail?

    i understand the principal, almost like a clean cold air intake, no problem, but why does it have all those little "growths" all over it? it seems like they're just good places for dirt to collect. why didn't they just make it a straight shot instead of having extra "pockets" along the tube?

    i tooke the air filter out and knocked it on the ground several times and created quite a pile of dirt, sure seems to have more "pep" now.

    what plugs are you guys running? i'm wondering if it's worth putting something like BOSCH +3 or +4 in there (the platinum ones with multiple tips). or am i better off just saving my money and putting a standard plug in there. what plug numbers are you guys running?

    is anyone running synthetic oil in their motors? it typically seems to help on high revving motors, or, once again, should i save my money and go conventional?

  2. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I wondered the same thing about the intake. I would also be interested in a K&N but haven't found one. Save your money on the spark plugs and use the plain ones. I use synthetic oil, just seems to make sense, the cost is comming down and with 3 quarts its not that much more.

  3. topherztoyz

    topherztoyz Member


    I have looked on the K&N websight with no luck pluging in the dimentions.. But I started thinking that my stock airfilter on my Yamaha Rhino is close, and could be modified.
    My airfilter from my 2001 Daihatsu measures 6" long, 2 1/2" ID and 4 3/8" OD.
    Now my Rhinos airfilter has the same ID of 2 1/2", but is a few inches longer with a removable end cap, and cleanable and reoilable foam. I figgure I could pick up a New, or take-off 2004-2007 Rhino airfilter, cut length to size, and drill a hole in cap for the mounting screw.. Whatcha guys think?
    I have K&N filters on my street truck, and motorcycle, but have always prefered the stock filter on the Rhino over K&N because the breather holes are bigger on K&N, and I'm in dusty Arizona.
    Se Pics..

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  4. lzpoor

    lzpoor Member

    If you wanted to go to an open element most part store sell cone filters and intake tube to fit cars like Hondas ,they start at about 30 dollars and if you look on ebay they are everywhere . second thought most atv shops have tons of filters that clamp on and fit several models and you can get and outerwear to put over it to keep some particle out especially if you run in or around sand. I Happen to like the uni filters which are foam. otherwise go take a trip to a wrecking yard and start looking at the compact cars for a small filter housing and then go home and look for a k&n to fit the housing type you like
  5. topherztoyz

    topherztoyz Member

    Thanks.. I know I would like to maintain the airbox. Not sure about other owners.
  6. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    i'm thinking about keeping the air box, but making a snorkel that runs up on the cargo rack like a snorkel. i don't like my air intake so low. i was running through water at the lake and was afraid of sucking in a mouthful and hurting the motor. that will add symetry to the chrome exhaust stack i plan on running on the left side :)

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