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Just picked up another Mitz

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by 98 SNAKE EATER, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    No details as I have yet to even start it :eek:
  2. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    wow!! that is one big trailer hitch!! :D plus it got those crazy cool fender flares...sweet!
  3. Radar

    Radar Member

    don't back that thing into a house....you may knock it down.
    good find grats.

    MAXOUT Member

    Nice. Looks like mine but nicer! LHD too. Is it limited, 4X4? Dans got your parts.
  5. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Looks like it could be a wheelie bar!:D

    Hey Snake eater, What size is your trailer? 5x10??
  6. LOL

    I'm thinking about bolting ot onto my truck cause that thing is SOLID!! :eek:

    Thanx :)

    I had my eye on it for a while, but it only went through the auction last week...

    Yeah, 3 speed with the usual limiter :(

    But unlike my last one, this one's 4WD with low range :cool:


    Anyhoo, she won't start :(

    Checked for spark and the coil was firing, but nuthin at the plugs :sly:

    Pulled the cap, checked the rotor and the tip had some kinda paint on it :confused:

    Took a wire wheel to it, popped it back in and now she's got good spark at the plugs, but still no start....

    Sprayed a little starter fluid down one of the runners and she kicked over for a second, then stopped....

    Pulled the main fuel line and cranked it over, but nuthin in the line...

    That's pretty much where I'm at after 15 minutes of playing around with her :eek:

    I'll have more time tomorrow, but I'm open to suggestions :cool:

  7. Dan

    Dan Member

    Looks like you scored again! I like what you did to the last one, especially the logo'd door panel touches. :D Give a shout out if you get stumped. I'm sure you'll get it going. sounds like you've got it narrowed down to fuel delivery already... another 15 minutes and it could be rolling down the road. If theres no power to the fuel pump, try checking the connection to the fuel pump relay behind the glovebox. lots of guys have tried to tamper with the 25mph fuel cutoff relay.:rolleyes: Another member coaxed his back from the grave by gently working the fuelpump diaphragm back and forth until it took off on it's own.

    Have you got something special planned for this one??:pop:

    Good luck,

  8. thanx Dan :)

    Last night, DL'd the service manuals from the links you had posted, so I'm gunna give her a run through later today and hopefully get her diag'd :cool:

    The PM looks good (new everything), but she does have a bit of rust on the bed and a Flintstone floorboard, so after a bit of patching, I'm gunna Rhinoline the interior and bed, then toss her in the booth and give her a decent paint job :cool:

    BTW, do you happen to have a diagram for the fuse panel?

    All fuses are good, but there are a couple that look like they don't have a second lead :confused: (as if someone pulled one of the wires out from the back)

  9. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Rick, hadn't heard from you for awhile, glad you got another one (4WD also). I agree with Dan that was a sweet job on the door panels that you did on the first one. I also wasn't too impressed with the OEM gray vinyl and took mine off and cutout/replaced with luan (sp?) paneling.

    Did you check your fuel filter? I'm sure you did/will but if'n you're thinking something in the fuel system (electrical wise) and that was the reason you were asking Dan about the fuses - well he posted two pix in the photo gallery one week ago. Go to photo gallery and look at the first two photos in the second row (under recent photos). Also if you need any other scans from the manual let me know - be glad to help.

    When I got my truck (from Orlando) it looked a lot like yours. I had the same monster front "brush guard", the same reflective tape, turf tires and light on top. Mine didn't have that commercial-grade rear hitch - pretty boss. I took the brush guard off to paint and never put it back on. I'm thinking about torching it down a bit before putting back own. Anyway hope you get it running and let us know if we can help.......later, slim
  10. Thanx Slim :)

    I was actually looking for the fuse panel pix last night cause I read somewhere that Dan had posted them in the Gallery, but I couldn't find them (I was actually searching for Dan's member gallery by name and nuthin came up)

    Looking at the fuse info now, it doesn't look like there's anything in there that would have anything to do with the problem I'm having with fuel...

    I don't hear any buzzing/cycling from the pump when I turn the key, so I'm guessing it may be electrical, but I'll check the fuel filter when I get to the shop later today (I have yet to even crawn underneath her lol)

  11. OK, I checked for power at the fuel pump plug and it had juice :cool:

    No buzz at the pump, so I pulled it, hooked it directly to a jump box and still got nuthin :(

    Then after a few love taps, it blew gas all over my face and started pumping :eek:

    Blew some air through the filter (looks like one of those see thru Fram types), then re-installed them and she started right up :D

    Thing is, she'll only idle by herself for about 5 seconds, then shut down :(

    If I step on the gas, she bogs down and if I play with the pedal (on and off), she revs up pretty good, but still feels like she's starving for fuel :(

    That's as far as I got with her today as the shop's been pretty busy :eek:

    Any ideas before I go tearing into her again?

  12. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    Sounds like your carb is gummed up and the jets are clogged, it's revving up from the accelerator pump squirting in there but not flowing on it's own.
  13. OK, decided to yank the carb and give it a little cleaning :eek:

    Inside was hella nasty :eek:

    Hit the accelerator pump and didn't see any fuel squirt :(

    Pulled the pump to see if the diaphragm was torn, but it was fine (plunger was a little cruddy though)

    Put it back together, filled it with carb cleaner at the inlet, flipped the throttle a few times and it squirted gas across the shop floor :D

    Gunna let it soak overnight and re-install tomorrow
  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    I think this is a link to the fuse pics in the gallery. and I scanned a fold-out schematic for the trucks too. I'll try to attach it here.

    I've had some issues with the gallery too...i think you can look at it a few different ways. just pictures or albums maybe?? anyways, i came up empty a few times when searching


    Attached Files:

  15. Thanx Dan :cool:

    I'm hoping I won't actually need it :eek:
  16. MAXOUT

    MAXOUT Member

    Sounds like what I just went through with mine to the T (same truck). I think you got it now..Good Luck!

    Here is a post of my truck maybe could give you some ideas? Just for your info you can put 23X8.5-12 tires with no rub. Probably what is on there now.

    Last edited: Nov 21, 2008
  17. Thanx Max :)

    I love the bedliner on your truck :cool:

    Haven't decided how I wanna go with paint on this one just yet :eek:

    If I decide to keep her, I'll go with either bedliner or camo, but if a better truck comes along (hopefully one with A/C and dump), it would be easier to sell with standard white....
  18. MAXOUT

    MAXOUT Member

    If you are interested I am looking for heat for mine and noticed you are in FL. and probably do not need it. If you consider removing it let me know.
  19. I actually live in NYC and if I do decide to keep her, she will end up being a plow rig durng the Winters :eek:

    Anyhoo, a little update:

    I pulled the float bowl and jet block, cleaning all the passages with carb cleaner and air, but left the vapor tank untouched for a couple of reasons :eek:

    1) Afraid of tearing the gasket
    2) Screws starting to strip

    Put everything back together, gave the throttle body a little shot of carb cleaner and she started right up :)

    She sat there and idled smoothly for 5 minutes straight while I checked for leaks :cool: (I had to make a couple of gaskets out of cork/paper)

    Shut her down, then started her again, but she didn't want to idle by herself anymore (had to play with the throttle) :(

    However, when I took her for a spin, she had all the power in the world :D

    No bogging down and she chirped each gear all the way to her 25mph top speed :rolleyes:

    She's burning pretty clean too (no smoke at all) :cool:

    Coming to a stop in traffic was a pita thought cause I had to hit both pedals with my right foot :eek:

    So that's where I'm at for now :eek:
  20. MAXOUT

    MAXOUT Member

    Check to see if the choke is stuck or not opening. Will run on choke until warm then will not idle. Just a thought. Next I would try to open that vapor chamber. Mine was a mess and you do not want re-distribute trash through the entire carb.
  21. The choke checked out, but I finally managed to keep her idling with a little adjustment on the idle screw :cool:

    She'll idle all day long now :D

    Don't wanna touch the vapor tank until I have a gasket kit, but the local Mitz dealer wants $80 bucks :eek:

    They also say the needle/seat is N/A :(

    I just got back from a 20 minute run through some heavy muck and the t-case works great :D
  22. Dan

    Dan Member

    Look in the parts thread. I posted a list of things i have in the garage. I know there are a few gasket kits and the diaphragms are nla through mitsubishi so be careful with those.
    let me know if i can help out.
  23. Thanx Dan :)

    She's running fine now, but if I run into any problems I'll be sure to give you a shout :cool:
  24. Some pix from yesterday :)


    Everything checks out fine, so I'll be starting on the bodywork this week....

    Only real complaint I have is the ride :eek:

    Compared to my old 2wd, the rear suspension on this one is just WAY too stiff :eek:

    Every little bump feels like a giant pothole :frustration:

    Has anyone tried pulling the rear coils?

    I don't think my old 2wd had them :confused:
  25. ibkg

    ibkg Member

    Nice looking truck one of my 2wd trucks had coil springs in the back + the leaf springs I took the coils out helped some these trucks are very limited in suspension travel
  26. swampmitsi

    swampmitsi New Member

    Nice Pics,
    I assume you stole it at an auction price! Let us know how much
  27. Almost twice as much as what I paid for the last one :eek:
  28. vettman

    vettman New Member

    Hey Snake; Disconnect the shackles and shocks after you jack the body up and lower the rear end with a jack underneath the diff. and the coils should just pop out. Did it to mine . Helped alot but not soft as my buddy swampmitsi's -2- wheel drive ride. Thanks
  29. I actually pulled them a few days ago :cool:

    Left shock was bent (apparently from loading with a forklift the day I picked her up)

    Pulled both shocks and was able to pull the left coil by hand, but the right coil needed some help with a crowbar and it popped right out :eek:

    The ride is definitely MUCH smoother now, even without the shocks :)

    Articulation is much better as well as I can actually make it up a curb slowly without engaging 4wd now :rolleyes:
  30. A little update ;)

    Ended up shooting her in two-tone bedliner :cool:


    I was hoping for a lighter shade of gray, but mixing that stuff was a big pita cause it hardens FAST!!

    Still gotta work on the interior pieces and I'm waiting on some Mitsu badges and stuff...

    Also plan on getting a set of Moon Discs or Scag Covers (haven't decided yet)


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