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Just missed out on one . . .

Discussion in 'Autozam' started by KeiEye, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    I've been lurking about for a month or so & have learned a great deal about minitrucks. Thanx to all the Moderators & contributors, great job!!
    Anyhoo, I'm weighing pros & cons of several different trucks available. One supplier offered me a choice of four, one of which was an AUTOZAM!
    Since I'm ambivalent about which make will do a better job based on my needs, the "cool" factor of having an AUTOZAM was the deciding factor! I wanted that truck!
    Unfortunately a fella who expressed interest earlier has resurfaced & apparently has first dibs. Just my luck!:frustration:
    Just for the record, the AUTOZAM I refer to is registered in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    The quest continues . . .
  2. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear ya didn't get your truck. Hopefully you'll find what you are looking for soon though.
  3. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Hang in there. Send us a picture when you get one.
  4. Don't know where your located but if you let me know exactly what you're after I can probably find it. We can still import from Japan for another year while we get some trucks certified, so if you tell me exactly what you're after I can specially order from Japan and add it to one of our containers.
  5. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    Location, location, location!

    I'm located in New Brunswick on Canada's east coast which is just about as far away from Japan as U can go without getting wet again.
    Distance & time = $$$
    I've researched a lot & since I'm only buying one truck, I can't afford to look any farther afield than Ontario, Canada since transportation costs are prohibitive.
    In the past, I've bought vehicles from Texas & Florida because I could buy them cheaper there than here including the cost of transport, but US prices on these trucks aren't any better than prices here.
    So it looks like I'll just be patient & keep looking.
    Having said that, I'm open to ridiculously low prices from US dealers!!!
  6. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    Don't forget that when you buy a Mini Truck from USA you will have to pay 6.2% Duty (on top of the GST/PST) + customs brokerage when you bring it back to Canada.

    FYI: I just shipped a Carry from Winnipeg to Halifax. It was under USD $1000 including door pickup.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
  7. pop

    pop New Member


    I am located in NL and wanting a mini but cost are prohibitive...well high...anyway why did u buy in Winnipeg vs the two dealers in Halifax and one in NB? Was it cost? Mind telling me how much u saved? Thanks....
  8. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    I ended up not buying from Winnepeg - again, the cost of transport was prohibitive. I didn't know about any "dealers" in NB or NS untill about a week ago. Apparently there's a guy in Lunenburg - Blockhouse Motors or something. I heard he has 17 trucks on his lot.
    Anyhoo, I managed to find one locally which I could look at, kick the tires & drive. U can't do that over the phone or the internet & from what I've read & learned, there's LOTS of folks looking to make quick bucks on these toys.
    Perhaps I would have been OK buying sight unseen, but when U buy over the phone from a curbsider, there are no guarantees or protection for the buyer.
  9. kahonwes

    kahonwes New Member

    Have you tried this guy in Quebec he has alot of them forsale..


    I'm sure he might have something he has about 20 I think
  10. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    We sold-out the last 6 mini trucks we imported very fast. Buyers from all over Canada are telling me even with shipping costs ($350 to $1250) included, the prices were CAD $2000 to $3500 cheaper for similar condition/milage trucks in their local area. The trucks all had 20 to 54kms and are completely rust-free.

    We post a minimum of 24 high resolution 800x600 pixel photos and do a detailed condition report noting any cosmetic defects. The trucks are mechanically inspected and repaired as needed. They are given a fresh oil, lube and filter change.... Then it's off to the new customer by Rail or Open car carrier!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2009
  11. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    For more information about the trucks meesho mentioned above, you can visit www.keiking.com

    We have clean, low milage trucks starting at USD $3495! FOB Vancouver. Shipping ranges between $50 and $1250.

    It can be very exciting buying a mini truck but don't let anyone talk you into paying thousands more than you have to!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2009
  12. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    Do you tell your customers that the trucks come direct from Japan and they will need to do work to them before they can be registered for road use in Canada? Do you also tell them that you are not a BC registered Vehicle Dealer and not otherized to sell Minitrucks in BC?
  13. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    Most of our trucks have between 20,000 to 40,000kms. They are all hand picked in Japan and carefully inspected by our team once they arrive in Canada. This means that little or no mechanical work is needed.

    Kei King selects only the best, low milage, rust free trucks.

    The last 5 I sold, required less than $100 in parts each to pass the provincial inspections.

    We also sell: dot lights, dot tires & reflectors if customers need those to pass in their province (varies).

    We are a fully registered business in Manitoba. Sorry, we do not provide retail sales in BC.

    Dealers welcome in BC or anywhere in Canada. Top commission is paid.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2009
  14. Mr. T.

    Mr. T. New Member

    Why in heck are you talking USD. We don't give a heck about USD here in Canada, nor do we care about Yens, Kopeks, or Rubles. The only time I care about those currencies is if I visit those countries. Then I respect their currencies and customs, and do my darndest to respect their citizens. I don't go to Italy and spend US or CDN Dollars, or expect CDN dollars in change, nor do I expect service in English.
    Are you an American doing business in Canada, and therefore find it hard to think that Canadian dollars are worth something. Every time you quote shipping in US $, on has to check the current exchange rate to figure out what the heck your talking about.
    Canadian Trucking Companies, CN and CP don't quote shipping cost in in US dollars, so why do you.
    MR. T.
  15. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    In Meesho's defense, his last post did quote "CAD" (canadian dollars) on how much he saved seeing that is the question he was addressing. Also not that the post is nearly 5 months old, so I doubt you'll get a reply.
  16. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    I'm with you Mr. T. If you're Canadian selling to Canadians, then the currency is Canadian $$ Pretty simple from where I come from!
    There's a lot of shady people in the used car business, that's why they're on the same level of trust as politicians.
    When I was first looking for a truck, I looked at Meesho's offerings & they looked good, but when you're buying sight unseen, without a test drive, the seller better make you feel very good about things. Meesho didn't. No sale.
    Kei King? Refused to sell me parts for the truck I did end up purchasing because I didn't buy my truck from them. Not only that, but he was rude about it. Must be nice to have that strong of a customer base!
    Having said that about these guys, there's a whole lot of GREAT people here, very friendly, very helpful. Just like in regular car sales, there's danger lurking in the sales department, buyer beware - always!!
  17. B-Edwards

    B-Edwards New Member

    I Pity da Fool that says USD! :D
  18. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    I wish I caught this cheap-shot sooner. Sounds like you are just sour because the "dealer" you ended up buying from has NO parts support but this doesn't give you the right to defame my company.

    Anyways, we have a standard reply we send for all parts inquiries. Nothing unique about it considering most importers have a similar policy:

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  19. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    PS: You have obviously never run a business or met a payroll in your life.

    Currency fluctuation is accounted for in all contracts with multi-national companies (such as CN or CF) or one that trade across the border (import/ export companies).
  20. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    "We will happily supply replacement and upgrade parts to our previous customers only. Parts are sold with little or no mark-up as an added benefit of doing business with Kei King. Common replacement parts are in usually in-stock and hard-to-find parts can be shipped directly from Japan by Fedex or slowboat depending on the urgency. Most upgrade parts are dropped shipped directly from the USA manufacture and if you prefer we can supply their contact information so you can order directly from them."

    Personally I don't think this a very reasonable policy... what happens if/when the sales of your own vehicles wains?

    To me it sounds like you are shooting yourself in the foot!

    To refuse to sell repair parts to anyone other than folks that bought their truck from you is not financially responsible IMHO.

    Hey I know.... I'll put up a poll and see who can buy parts from OTHER than who they bought their truck from.... :)

  21. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    If the dealer you bought your truck from was so great, then why are you even bother asking me for parts???

    Sounds like you have a strong sense of entitlement. A poll??? When will you guys understand.... The government... or this case: private business, doesn't owe you anything!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  22. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    There is only 2 dealers in Canada that I know of that have a reasonable amount of PARTS IN STOCK + SELL TO ANYONE. They can be easily found by checking the forum sponsor list.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  23. KeiEye

    KeiEye Member

    Yer puttin' a big HUGE smile on my face KEI KING!
    Your flaming of me speaks volumes about who U are.
    U've said enuff, so I'll do U a favour & end this before U do any further damage to your reputation - such as it may be.
    Your snotty, snarky words here will stand in perpetuity to anyone who researches KEI KING on the internet.
    Todays consumers are a smarter bunch than many realize, including U apparently KEI KING. That's why a site like this is so popular.
    This website, minitrucktalk.com is about the enjoyment & maintenance of my minitruck, NOT about trading barbs with you Jason, or meesha, or KEI KING, whatever you call yourself.
    You may have wondered why I used the name KEI KING in this post so many times. Let me know if U ever figure it out smart mouth!
    I'll not bother to reply to whatever last word flame that U wish to unleash so go ahead, give us "out east" your best shot there big boy!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  24. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    Typical rhetoric... attack the person (me) and not back-up your idea (that I someone owe it to you to sell you parts).

    Still waiting for reasoning?? Why would I HAVE to sell you parts if you never bought the truck from me??

    What gives you that sense of entitlement??
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2009
  25. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    Well your silly coment to me only confirms...

    my earlier suspicions. I have NEVER asked to buy parts from you, nor will I. There are quite a number of dealers that are glad to do business with anyone that wants to spend their hard earned scheckles.

    Who said my dealer isn't great? Not me thats for sure... even though I bought my truck from a private sale, My dealer is quite happy to sell me whatever I need/want. So why oh why would I wish to deal with "your ilk"?

    Flashing out phrases like "strong sense of entitlement" does not impress me, nor likely anyone else :rolleyes:

    Run the mouth,shoot the foot... works every time!


  26. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    These 2X guys above still haven't addressed why I HAVE to sell them parts? Why are you ENTITLED to parts sales?

    They are good at mixing words and personal attacks but can't back up their view-points.

    If you throw out ideas and don't back them up, then you lose credibility. It's called a "discussion forum" for a reason.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2009
  27. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    Hard earned??? Your profile says you grow weed and haven't worked in 10 years. Your comments have as much value as your contribution to society??
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2009
  28. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    I never said ...

    That you HAVE to sell parts to anyone, I merely suggested that selling parts to only those you have sold trucks to is not what most people would call good business.

    That is my only point in this discussion.


  29. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    WOW you can read a profile....

    so what if I grow marijuana... I am federally approved to grow it. I am a federally licensed "Medical Marijuana patient, registered with Health Canada". I use marijuana to control pain and muscle spasms.

    How did I come to have a need for this medication?
    Why have I been un-employed for the last 10 years?

    I was injured in the service of my country (military service), honorably discharged on a medical pension. I am partially disabled as a result of this injury.

    I think I have established my "contribution to society" can you say the same??? LOL


    ps: my duplicolor bed lining is holding up marvelously.... coated the complete interior of my truck bed for a measly 45 bucks... so much for advice LOL

  30. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    10 years of smoking weed everyday??? Your mind is warped. Now all your view-points make sense!

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2009

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