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Japanese truck exporters?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by chris_snchez, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. chris_snchez

    chris_snchez Member

    Just wondering if you guys have ever tried any of these japanese truck exporter sites and if yes how are they and which are recommended looking for a couple mini truck some crew cab isuzu's and a diesel suv something toyota. Also wondering about these japanese trucks ( not minis) how hard is it to legalize in usa?
  2. In brief...tough, not easy, expensive. You can do it, but regulations in place (granted the politics of who put those regs in place) make it costly compared to the products specifically manufactured for the North American market.

    If your pockets are deep enough, I'm sure you can alter etc to meet spec, lab, and paper requirments. All I can add is eeeek :eek:
  3. chris_snchez

    chris_snchez Member

    yeah I kind of new that was coming I'll probabaly just grab a couple of minis
  4. I've eyeballed the trucks just bigger than the kei class ... toyota liteace/townace and others you mentioned.

    There are two local businesses that have the small forward cab trucks ... (one ice, one applicance, and one landscaping). The landscaping one is the smallest I've seen to date (oops, I recall that I was suppose to get a picture of it to post on this forum). If one could modify those with a 3 side drop down box, you would have an inflated mini-truck. However, don't believe any of them come in 4wd & are they forever classified as a commerical vehicle requiring a CDL :confused:

    I have also wondered about getting one in under the 25year importation - but, you are looking at a 25year old truck and everything that comes with the age.

    Granted, if you run across something - please post or PM me.
  5. chris_snchez

    chris_snchez Member

    just wondering if any one of you guys know some good sites to import minis directly from japan? I know some but no contact back yet

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