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Intro and Axle nut replacements

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by banzairx7, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    Hey all brand new Sambar owner here. Just picked up a 93 Supercharged, 5 speed, 4WD with AC from Ben at US Mini trucks in Houston. It needed a clutch so I'm in the process of taking the engine out. I'll be posting more on the build of the truck(LOTS of mods coming) but first thing I wanted to put out there was replacement axle nuts. I puled out the CV's and the axle nuts were junked in the process. I was able to find replacements for them and wanted to put that info out there. Beck Arnley #103-0534 worked perfectly. $5.70 from amazon. They are nylon locking style not cotter pin locking is the big difference. That is what 99% of vehicles use now anyway so I figure it's an upgrade.

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  2. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Active Member

    Great info, Thanks. And welcome!
  3. Adam Wheeler

    Adam Wheeler Member

    Not sure if this is for the fronts or the rears, but for later models, quite possibly '95 and up, this axle nut was too small for the rear axles, I haven't replaced the front nuts to see if they are smaller. Axle threads on the back were M24 x 1.5 with a 36MM Hex

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