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Installed winch and seat covers on Dumpy....

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Double M Farm, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Double M Farm

    Double M Farm New Member

    Dumpy and I had a good day. Installed a 3500 lb winch and new seat covers. I welded some angle iron onto the "bracket" that is bolted to the front bottom of the Suzuki Carry. Let it stick out 22" and then welded a frame of angle iron onto it and bolted the winch in place. Worked out well. Later plans are to build a "brush guard" off of it. The seat covers worked out better than I even hoped. They are cheap covers for dining room chars. Found on e-bay (14.99 for pack of 4). Also ordered some "sheet straps" off e-bay(8.49 for box of 8). clamped them under seats to hold the covers n place. IMG_20210220_141319.jpg IMG_20210220_132754.jpg
  2. G-Town Kei

    G-Town Kei New Member

    That’s really nice! My seats need some more cushion. But first it’s maintenance for me! Then I’ll make the seats better.
    Funny how your passenger door has a weird ding like mine. Coincidence?
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  3. Double M Farm

    Double M Farm New Member

    You know, I've seen several with a "ding" in that same spot. Must be something about driving in Japan. That would be the "off road" side for them and some of those boys drive hard.:)
  4. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Looks Good.

    I actually licked out and found some seat covers for my Hijet out of Bulgaria on eBay. Far more than your dining chair covers though.

    They were made for the 200 to 500 series, and didn’t quite fit. But a few hog rings and a bit of low melt hot glue later they fit like there were always meant to be there.
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    SAITCHO Active Member

    Not to sound too harsh but if you plan to off-road that truck, that winch will end up like a dirt plow in no time. On a wheel back model like yours the front end is already very likely to hit the ground when you drive into a hole and with the winch so low its gonna be even worse. You will be fine on even ground but be careful if you plan on doing more serious off-roading. I like the fit on those cushion they look like they are custom fitted for the truck.
  6. Double M Farm

    Double M Farm New Member

    Yea, the winch is low but it's higher than the bumper and even tho it will be in danger at times it should work for my use and I'm going to be building more of a "Cage" over it in the future. This truck is not for "serious off-roading". It's a "farm work truck".
    I was very pleased with the seat covers. Not sure how long they will last but they are so cheap I'll just buy more when they wear out.:)
  7. Arty

    Arty Active Member

    Looks like a neat little truck!
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  8. Double M Farm

    Double M Farm New Member

    Thank you, he's got his bumps and dents but he sure does help around the farm.:)
  9. G-Town Kei

    G-Town Kei New Member

    Yes! Japan is another world! I am sure they made thse mini trucks drift around the city streets.
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