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How tall are Mini Truck drivers?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Schick, May 6, 2009.


How tall are you?

  1. 5'5" and under

    2 vote(s)
  2. 5'6" to 5'7"

    7 vote(s)
  3. 5'8" to 5'9"

    18 vote(s)
  4. 5'10" to 5'11"

    27 vote(s)
  5. 6' to 6'1"

    25 vote(s)
  6. 6'2" to 6'3"

    17 vote(s)
  7. 6'4" to 6'5"

    8 vote(s)
  8. 6'6" or higher

    4 vote(s)
  1. Schick

    Schick Member

    Alot of people assume that Mini Trucks are small and cramped, and that drivers are therefore short, allowing them to drive comfortably. I'm 6-2 and sit easily in my truck.
    I'm curious how we "measure up" as drivers.
  2. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    How many of us suffer from the genetic condition RSS? ( Really Skinny S.o.b.):eek:
  3. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    5'9" & 135lbs of FURY!!
  4. timn3

    timn3 New Member


    im 6ft 1 inch 260 lbs i fit in my jumbo easy
  5. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    6' 2" 210 Lbs, mostly belly! And I still fit in my Acty!
  6. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    6'0" 170lbs (used to weigh 200lbs+) of cold rolled steel! Yeah right! Soon to be 62yo. I' ve got enough room in my Subaru Sambar truck, to hold a dance party plus serve hordourvs, and cocktails! Well, not quite, but close.
  7. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    5'8" 240lbs. My bubble is off center. On paper and with out my glasses on I am really 6'2" 195lbs.

    Hey Milt send me your address. I will send you some dounuts.
    Last edited: May 7, 2009
  8. ukmicro

    ukmicro Member

    88kg, and 36" waist.

    Plenty of room.
  9. OldMachinist

    OldMachinist Moderator Staff Member

    5' 10" tall and 210 lbs and I fit in my ACTY all right most times. It feels a little cramped when I'm all layered up for a long day of winter hunting but I think that's mostly the pac boots.
  10. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    doesn't matter how many donuts i eat, can't gain a pound.

    i've always been small, in high school as a junior, i wrestled 98lbs and had to eat to make my weight class..

    my wife says i'm masculinely petite... God i love her :D
  11. wainair

    wainair Member

    Man I wish I had your problem Milt! I walk by a baked potato and I gain 5 lbs! ,no butter no sour cream! 5'6', 285, and well see next week how I fit in the sambar. I hope to have it by Monday.
  12. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Yea Milt, my wife says that I am handsomely challenged. I beginning to think that I have been insulted. lololololololol

    I got $5 says you gain weight by the time your little one gets here. I have not known a man yet that did not gain weight while his wife was pregnant. The cruel thing she looses hers after and they are stuck with theirs.
    Last edited: May 7, 2009
  13. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    Dont count on that!! Two kids later and I still have to put rocks in my pockets on windy days! Dont think I have ever seen my shadow:p
  14. 93mit

    93mit Member

    6'1 170 my wife did not marry well
  15. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    in another month i'll be 36... i think my weight has pretty much stabilized and will stay just about where it is. the most i ever weight was 160, i looked helthy and fit. i was lifting weights everyday and execising all the time while i was in the army. after falling out of a helicopter and being injured and unable to work out anymore, i got right back down to 135... everyone thought i was on meth how quickly the weight shed.

    i've got the metabolism of a humming bird.
  16. Badgerland

    Badgerland Member

    6'0" at 210lbs here and fit comfortably into all of em. And Milty...I feel your pain. Just cracked 36 on Friday. Darn...I forgot I was supposed to buy myself a Pinzgauer as a B-day present (hides from wife). :rolleyes:
  17. TerryKnife

    TerryKnife New Member

    6'2", 170. When I first wanted to try out a Mini truck I thought it would be comical trying to get in and out. My (soon to be) Carry fits me well.
  18. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    5'8" 200...and my mitsu is very roomy. my son is 6'3" 250 and he can't drive my truck because his legs won't fit under the steering wheel to run the pedals :) my other son can though he is 6'1" 210
  19. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    6'-4" and a little more / 210 pounds
    Size 12 boot/shoe
    1997 Honda Acty

    Lots of head room but knees are against the dash and the right knee bumps the turn signal/brights lever. I pretty much have to open the door to roll the window down/up!
  20. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    6foot 3 0r 4 and 260lb's

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