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How many people actually have street legal mini trucks??

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by gumballf355, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. PigKilla

    PigKilla New Member

    how are ya'll registering these minis? my bud was selling them while the econ was good but he has not sold any for a while... he came across a guy whnew someone who's brother in law heard about a guy who new someone who could go threw this 15 step process where you would send off a set amount of money and got back some kind of "title." i am genrally a pesimist so i see the local cops will be curious but once you flash some paper they will be inquisitive. so far everything would be fine... now lets say there is a wreck. once the insurance is called then they are going to say that the truck was titled incorectly and the insurance is now valid. this is my thoughts anyway... has anyone been involved in an altercation? i have no intention on driving mine on the street but i was curious how this works.
  2. Cynical

    Cynical New Member

    As of 1-July 2009, mini-trucks are street legal in Florida. They must be titled and registered (and thus insured), and can only operate on roads with a posted speed limit 35mph or less.
  3. slimbad

    slimbad Member

  4. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Street legal and driving almost daily in Ontario Canada
  5. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    they have become so common here that you would have to set one on fire to get any attention. not sure if thats a good thing?
  6. rtgw007

    rtgw007 New Member

    I am too jeaulous!!! I Live in Ohio and I don't ever see them being legal here. When some of the car dealerships started getting them here the title office and dmv were getting hammered by people who wanted them to be legal for use on road. We live in the country so they would be great around here. I personally went with one of the car dealers to see the capt. at the state highway patrol and he said he would consider giving it an inspection if it had everything it needed to be road legal. Took a nice 97 carry there and when he walked out the door and saw it. he laughed and said "you guys are waisting your time, Im not approving that. My explanation to him was, yeah it looks a little different but the smart car isnt any larger. He didnt even get his check list out. Since that day these little bugers have been the biggest pain in the neck for our dmv and title office and I love it. Our state reps have been contacted but here in ohio im sure they do have bigger fish to fry with all crap going on in the world today. Still makes me mad though!! SOOOOOOOOO, since they wouldnt let me get on of the lil bugers I had to rebell and buy something that the cops really hate!!! Yessir this is my street legal buggy I decked out to be street legal. Now........... What looks safer to you guys. The mini right. I was pulled over by ol captain 2 months ago. Hehehe. He couldnt do jack!! I had my title, insurance and all and I told him the mini truck looked to be a little safer on the roads than this but the captain before him passed this along with 5 others. No more will ever pass. something bout the wheel base to short but the 5 that were titled will have a title for eternity as long as they stay in ohio. Not sure what would happen if it were to be titled in another state. Don't matter though, Ill never sell it. It would stink to not get to drive down the road and see the cops shaking there heads when I go by. Should of approved my carry!!!:frustration: Having trouble uplaoding ill try later.
  7. rtgw007

    rtgw007 New Member

    here it is!!!

    Attached Files:

  8. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Sweet buggy road legal too??/ now I'm jealus. In Great Brittain youn can plate an ATV and drive on the roads. Just wondering as this may be a dunb question. If a mini is titled in a state that allows them,is there a problem if you drive it through a state that doesn't?
  9. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    my buggy , tagged since about 1977
  10. rtgw007

    rtgw007 New Member

    yeah its street legal. Only runs about 45 comfortably, if she's really windin she can get about 52mph but we just cruise in the lil buger. anywhere we can take it and not be in the way we take her. Thats kinda what we wanted the mini truck for also and we could actually use it for something also. We have farms but there not all joined together. Some are miles apart but if I have to load the mini on a trailer from farm to farm its just not worth it for me. Now there were about 4 of them runnin round here with smv tags on but the State patrol put a stop to that in a hurry. Just a shame. They would be great around here where i live and there are many people that would like to have one. Oh well, maybe someday.

    by the way, I asked the Ohio state patrol the same question about the mini being titled in a different state because that Idea was churning in my mind. He said that they were not safe enough to be on Any Ohio roadway period and he didnt want me contacting him about it any more. hehe, I guess i did bug him a lot, hey I was just trying to find a loop hole. I don't see how they could tell you you couldnt drive it though if it is titled tagged insured etc from a diff state. He just said it would be towed and isnt allowed on any ohio roadway period. This was told to him by his boss after having a mandatory meeting about these mini trucks in Columbus Ohio. Guess they were creating a big enough stink to bring about a special meeting about the trucks. Oh well! Ill just stick to the buggy even know I cant work with it.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2009
  11. rtgw007

    rtgw007 New Member

    Swwwweeeeeeet!!! Thats cool!!!
  12. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    1978 i had hair!
  13. rightdrive

    rightdrive Member

    In Ontario, they are prefectly street legal.
    As long as they are made HTA compliant, much like every other JDM import, and are registered as commercial vehicles, you should never have a problem.
  14. jason77

    jason77 New Member

    To the original poster "gumballf355" I also live in california and was wondering if you could give me some more information on how/where you got your kei truck, how you got it in left hand drive, how you got it registered, what the specs are on it "engine size", and what kind of MPG you get with your two kei trucks?

    I would really like to get one of these kei trucks some day to haul stuff around and pick up wood and metal, etc. I can't do those things with my sedan and really don't want a big gas hog of a truck to just go to home depot and pick up some plywood and things like that... that and they are just too cool looking as well! :)
  15. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    Where do you live? We can meet up if you are in NorCal and I can tell you a little bit about my trucks and take you for a spin if you like.
  16. jason77

    jason77 New Member

    That would be cool..... I am in roseville how about you?
  17. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

  18. Daverinme

    Daverinme New Member

    Maine ---- Not Yet !!!


    This web sites claim that minis will be allowed to be registered in Maine beginning in September is just not true. At least not in my experience. I went to my local town office to try and register mine as a Low Speed Vehicle and they would not allow it. They contacted the Motor Vehicle Department, and the said the new law which went into effect in September was only for trucks that were manufactured to be Low Speed Vehicles.

    So I guess those of us here in Maine are still not allowed on the roads.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience or perhaps a more successful one here in Maine?
  19. strick4

    strick4 New Member

    $65 bucks a year???????????

    Who is your carrier? I live in Mississippi and the Farm Bureau agency, who I have been with for 30 years charged me $101 for 6 months...and that's with a two car discount!
  20. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    I'm in AZ, I pay about 90.00 a year full coverage. The difference being they are plated here as ATV's

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