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How many Daihatsu Hijet (S80/S81) Owners?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by TexAcoon, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    What would be great is break up Daihatsu Topics into Sub-topics of various models.

    Would like to see how many people out there own an Daihatsu Hijet (S80/S81) (Jap/US Versions).

    Since the majority of our parts (common and aftermarket) and some of the Daihatsu topics do not apply to our vehicles, we could email or private message each other on issues and solutions we may have encountered with our vehicles.

    Kevin, if you read this, is there anyway we could have model categories as subtopics for each vehicle brand?
  2. bendee

    bendee New Member

    S80 Owner

    I also own a Texas S80 and am interested in facts ad parts that will fit the US Models. It seems there are a lot of these in the states and it would be nice if we had our own sources.
  3. minydigger

    minydigger Member

    I have a s80 left hand drive.
  4. R.E101

    R.E101 Member

    I have a s80 87 hijet I also have the jap issued service manual for it if it helps
  5. me3

    me3 New Member

    I have a s81lp
  6. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Hey! This is great to hear I don't have the only S81 in North America ..LOL! ...

    Anyone done any modifications on their 80/81's that could help others? ...

    My current plan is to install a custom front brush guard and rear bumper with 2" box hitch.

    Just replaced my stock wheels which were 12" steel wheels with 13" Mazda RX7 ...

    Have a few other things I will be installing and later do some body work and new paint.

  7. me3

    me3 New Member

    When I got mine it was beat to death and only had safari doors. I found out that s83 doors are the same and bought some from dishmans2 for it. Now it seals up good and the heat keeps me warm but still looks like doo-doo. So far the only thing I have done is replaced the points and I found out they are the same as a chevy luv they are wells JA13 and the valve seals are the same as a 1988 daihatsu charade. Mine smokes like dope fiend even after changing the valve seals so now I am thinking about a motor swap. I have been thinking about swaping in a geo metro motor and trans and a set of samuri axles but have yet to aquire the parts to do so. It may look like crap but its mine, I like it, its fun and its also a dump bed.

  8. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Mine smokes a little due to being setup for about three years in storage. Have not done any actual valve work and figure with some old gas remaining in the tank to include water due to condensation, I have filled it with fresh gas added can of SeaFoam and ThermoHeat (water dissolver). Since I have been operating and added the additives to my tank before my fuel gauge was not working... Within the past week and riding around on semi-rough terrain it finally loosen up and started working again ..

    After this tank of new/old fuel I plan on the next refill add another can of SeaFoam .. Next I will pour a cup of automatic transmission fluid (SMOKE BOMB) followed by distilled water (Steam cleans and CLEARS OUT THE ATF) through the carb. I use to do this back in the mid 70's when we had lead in our gas causing a lot of carbon deposits on the valves and pistons etc.. This little procedure would certainly de-carbonize the valves and pistons (rings) while cleaning the exhaust system internally ..

    This would improve performance by having quicker acceleration and you could tell it had a bit more horse power. Not a lot of folks know about this technique but it does work and works well for engines that needs some internal TLC. It may help with your engine smoking issue ... especially if you have some a sticky oil rings on the piston that are not closing quite right.

    Not sure how much trouble it would be to make the swap with a geo engine or if it would fit .. But if you do ..Go automatic ... That would be really cool!

    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
  9. milky

    milky New Member

    I have a 1987 (I believe) S81P 550cc. I have lowered the front suspension cradle 2" and put a 3" lift in the front with 2" (or so) lift in the rear. New Mitsubishi front struts. Installed new selectable locking axle, and new front pig with heavy duty passenger side CV. All new U-joints. Had the radiator re-cored. Installed a tube rear bumper with hitch and have 23x8x12 titan 489XT's on stock wheels.

    Im willing to share any and all info i have about stuff i've done to my truck so far....of course i have changed the plugs/wires/cap/rotor/condensor and all fluids, filters, adjusted valve lash/timing etc...

    Things i need:
    1. the name of a merchant that can sell me the correct 17mm wide timing belt for my truck. Im not going to say which one, but a site sponsor here screwed me when they sold me a 19mm belt and then told me that it would work - well, it doesnt.

    2. front receiver and brush guard. not one that hangs way way down to the ground (im trying to keep what ground clearance i have up front).

    3. plans or instructions to build a really good skid plate for mostly the front end, but perhaps a broader one that covers much of the motor/tranny.

    4. either info on a rebuild, or a new A/C compressor.
  10. slimbad

    slimbad Member


    Sounds like you've been busy with upgrading your truck. In ref to skid plate, brush guard and front receiver - I like the skid bar style that Dragbody made for his truck. You might could start with something like that and continue up in the front of the truck with a brush guard/receiver setup - just a thought.


    Also, could you expound on your selectable locking axle? Thanks and.........later, slim
  11. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Hi milky .. great to hear about your mods on the truck .. YUP! you have been busy setting yours up .. I am still in process of doing the same thing.. I have to get rid of the white paint on there .. Unfortunatly it doesnt sit too well with snow and been close to being run over do to the color .. SO? I'll either paint mine "Dukes of Hazard" orange ... OR "Bubble Bee" yellow ..
    I'm sure it will stand out now with either color .. and only an excuss to run over a slow moving vehicle .. even though mine does better than the 25mph limiter .. Uhmmm I fixed that issue ..

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
  12. daveoneppo

    daveoneppo New Member

    S-81 Got one..

    Ive got a 1988 S-81 Left-hand drive..4X4..Made in the US.....23,000 miles on it..Runs great..Only replaced the waterpump and timing belt.It came with 10' wheels ..Put stock 12" wheels on it...Got it from a golf course in NC..They bought new in 88......I live in South Carolina....
  13. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Hey daveoneppo Welcome aboard! ..
    Great to hear you have good running S81 .. Yours sounds about like mine (mine has 27K miles) .. Left hand steer (JDA Version) 4X4 .. Have a slight leak on my water pump but think its starting to straighten up a little .. Believe the seals had sat for a while and seem to be re-sealing again .. but will keep an eye on it ..
    milky - was looking for a new timing belt for his S81, maybe you could recommend the place you picked yours up from ..
    When I purchased my S81 I had 12" wheels and changed them out to 13" Mazda RX7 wheels ($50.00 for all four rims with tires). Seems the 13" have more tire selection being a 6" rim (4X100) was the reason I went to them, not to mention they look really nice on the S81.

  14. milky

    milky New Member

    I picked up a locking rear axle out of an s83 from G&R imports (trusted merchant) and i swapped out my stock open rear for it and then luckily i found a purchaser for my stock rear axle, so i didnt have a useless axle laying around. The rear locker is vacuum actuated, so instead of running lines and a three position switch for vacuum operation of the axle independently, i ran the vacuum lines off the rear locker to the front axle 4x4 actuator. Simply put, anytime i engage the 4 wheel drive, the rear axle locks - works out really well. You dotn realize how much more you get out of a locker until you take it for the first test drive in the mud after you install one - huge difference!
  15. R.E101

    R.E101 Member

    Good info guys.

    I have a 87 as wells. Ive done a 6" lift on it and am working on a custom coilover setup for it. My project at hand is centering the wheels in the well I will probably get on that today!

    Milky your axle swap intrests me. Im not sure if my truck already has a locker on it on the rear. Was the swap an easy one. Mounting? or did you have to fab brackets for it?

    Also I am looking for plugs wires dist and points.Anyone have a vendor they prefer?

  16. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    My plug wires I purchased from O'Rileys .. They had the copper core verse carbon in a silicon 8mm for $10.00 ... They were for a four cyl Toyota, but didn't make any difference since the wires were the type you made up anyway ...
    Those are some good wires .. and the coil lead was long enough to the distributor .. Matter of fact I had to cut off approx 4" and still had quite a bit of slack .. The other cyl wires all needed to be shorten to work like they should.

    Replaced my old coil with an Accel Super Coil .. since the price of a replacement was about the same for the Accel .. Got a lot of fire in the wire now! .. Plugs were the NGK plugs..

    As far as the rotor and distributor cap .. I am not sure if there is any NAPA part or other cross over for the our engines or not .. IF there is one .. let us know would like to keep my parts list up and going ...

    Don't forget to change your air breather (NAPA 6257) and fuel filter (WIX 33001)..
    You can use the following points Wells JA13 as a Diahatsu replacement ...
  17. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    milky, Thanks for the info. I just haven't heard of many with the locker rear. It sounds like you have a sweet setup and yeah, I bet there is a huge difference with the locker. Now when you put a LSD kit in the front, hmmm............later, slim
  18. R.E101

    R.E101 Member

    Good info tex. Do you have the part number on the accel supercoil?
  19. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    R.E.101 .. Here is the info requested:

    Failed to add: The coil needed is a non-resistor type ..
    Due to the ballast resistor mounted on top of your existing factory coil .. If you were to loose the resistor you can purchase a Dodge car/truck coil resistor as your replacement.

    Here are the specs

    •Rated at 42,000 volts
    •Great for points ignition systems
    ACCEL's Super Stock is the high-performance replacement for OE canister style coils. Improves starting, idle, throttle response and top RPM power. Works with OE ignitions and computers. Alkyd tower prevents "flash over". Uses OE leads. Comes in chrome.
    Model Number: 8140C

    ACCEL Coil Link

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
  20. R.E101

    R.E101 Member

    Thanks Tex was it a direct replacement or did you have to modify anything thanks again for the info

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