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How many Canadian Minitruck drivers?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by minitruck.ca, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    Carry driver since April /08 still waiting for the first winter drive!!!
  2. boatman

    boatman Member

    Hi there - Can't speak for this dealer, I'm not sure how he's getting those numbers. I know that over 3 tanks of gas that I've put in the truck so far, I'm getting about 36-37 mpg. I haven't been gentle either, and there's been a bunch of highway speeds involved. I suspect that if I could back off a little bit on the rabbit starts (this thing is too fun to drive) and stay off the highway then it'd likely be a little bit higher. I doubt I'd ever hit 50 tho.

  3. prairiehawk

    prairiehawk New Member

    I've done plugs, dist cap, rotor, valve adjust, air cleaner and adjust carb. It all helps. I've driven the 3 cyl Suzuki cars for years. Gotta keep the plugs etc fresh to keep mileage up. These trucks seem to get te best mileage at 80kph.
  4. tundra111

    tundra111 New Member

    just got mine last week suzuki 92 5 speed i live in Chibougamau québec near James bay comes from a dealer in tros rivieres in Québec im happy like a kid that just got is chistmas present
  5. doofyhound

    doofyhound New Member


    salmon arm bc here
  6. cmaxxer

    cmaxxer New Member

    I'm in Sylvan Lake Alberta. Just finishing off a pretty major lift/upgrade project.
  7. Harvy50

    Harvy50 New Member

    Nova Scotia here...1990 Suzuki Dump
  8. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    Morinville, AB...1992 Mitsubishi minicab U42T 4x4x4
  9. Julien ecomobil

    Julien ecomobil New Member

    quebec mini dealer <link redacted>

    hi my name is julien and i import suzuki carry every and deck van
    we are base in south shore montreal we have over 10 in stock
    <link redacted>:):rolleyes::D
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  10. swede

    swede New Member

    new mini truck owner in Calgary looking for ins provider

    hello all,

    any recomendations on insurance provders for my new 91 mitsubishi mini cab mighty, also for reputable mechanics that are familiour with working on these mini trucks in Calgary(if needed)

    Just purchase my first one a few days ago, will be here in April.

  11. kidgadget

    kidgadget New Member


    Hi Swede. Here in Quebec I shopped alot and finaly found Federated Insurance.Prices are reasonnable. Enjoy your mini & Cheers! Kidgadget:)
  12. blizzak

    blizzak New Member

    I have a 92 carry DD51T for only one week now and i love it.I am a julien ecomobil customer.This company is awesome in all the way.:cool:he sell great quality truck and he take care of his customer,i could not expect more:)
  13. Ravk

    Ravk Member


    I live in Edmonton, Ab. and use Canadian Direct Ins on my 89 Honda Acty. Do a search on insurance and you should get more hits.:D
  14. swede

    swede New Member

    thanks for the quick responces
  15. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    I have always had good luck with TD insurance:)
  16. Julien ecomobil

    Julien ecomobil New Member

    hi guy from montreal
  17. wasco

    wasco New Member

    From Sorel Quebec

    I'm from Sorel in Quebec. I've had my Suzuki Carry 1990 for about 2 weeks and love it. It's suppose to have 1996 mechanic on it. Changed the 12" wheels for some 14" steel rims wrapped in 175-65R14 winter tires. It will be used on my 60 acres woodlot and to run around town. I figure it will be better on gas than my Ford Expedition ! Hahaha... At first I was looking at those side by side ATVs. But figured that at half the price of a new one and it's road legal... Might as well go for it. Checked the speed with the GPS before and after puting the 14" on. With the 12" rim the GPS would read 80 km/h and 87 km/h on the speedometer. Puting the 14" rims brought the two speeds together.

    Just came in from gatering some branches on the lot and let me say it's much easier with the Carry. I use to do it with a little trailer. So I couldn't go in the thick wood to get something and back out easly. But with the mini-truck I can go in where I want and back out in a snap.

    We are around 4 or 5 here in the region now. I got mine from a dealer near Shawinigan. A very nice bunch of guys...

  18. wainair

    wainair Member

    Sounds like a perfect match for your property Wasco!
  19. trecar

    trecar New Member

    Alberta Sticks

    Hey hey Just got my 1993 Suzuki Carry from Kei King and love it. Looking forward to get my accessories for it for plowing snow. I am in between Cochrane and Water Valley.
  20. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    Guess I missed the candian one after I got my toyota and dad got his subaru.

    mine is the one on the ground obviously :p

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