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How many Canadian Minitruck drivers?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by minitruck.ca, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Gold Supporting Member

    How many canadian minitruck drivers on this forum?
  2. Ichabod

    Ichabod Member

    I am!!!!!!
  3. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Gold Supporting Member

    How do you like your Sambar? I have been thinking about landing a few of those.
  4. Ichabod

    Ichabod Member

    I love it, but the gas mileage is less than advertised... I get about 30 - 35 mpg. Would love to see some after market bits for them, manuals, etc...
  5. ddimports

    ddimports Member

    I'm a dealer in saskatchewan sold about 20 carry/acty to manatoba, saskatchewan and alberta
  6. geoffreyr66

    geoffreyr66 Member

    I am! But I think you know that! lol.
  7. BLES

    BLES Member

    Another one in Saskatchewan! :D
  8. Colin

    Colin Member

    Close, but no cigar. I'm a few hours south of Winnipeg. :)
  9. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    1990 Suzuki Carry. Edmonton Alberta. Just got it 3 days ago!
  10. Binky

    Binky New Member

    Suzuki Carry 1991- Near Biggar, SK. Just picked it up yesterday !! Drove it home 250km and it ran like a dream. Where can I download or purchase a manual?
  11. Binky

    Binky New Member

    Canadian Female Mini-Truck Owners

    How many Canadian Female Mini-Truck Owners are out there, besides me?
  12. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    For manuals go here ---->>>> http://stores.lulu.com/tkojames
  13. rasmkd

    rasmkd New Member

    Southern Alberta

    I have 4 Suzuki Carrys in Brooks Alberta to help combat $1.35 a liter gas.

    Funny we should have to get vehicles for over seas to cut down on the cost of gas we make here.
  14. Subaru

    Subaru Member

    I have 4 Sambars on the way right now-2 regular,and 2 Supercharged:cool:
  15. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    How about eastern Canada. any one in Ontario or are all the dealers in the west and therefore very fue mini trucks in the east?
  16. glenn

    glenn Member

    Hey......Ontario is "central Canada" eh? eastern Canada is considered Maritime Provinces.....

  17. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    oops. Sorry!:frustration:
  18. glenn

    glenn Member

    No problem buddy....THIS time eh?.....lol

  19. I am and I'm driving a 91 suzuki db51t thanks to you.
  20. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    glenn, is newmarket near berrie? My sister and Brother-in-law live near there.

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