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How can we get more folks.....

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by JRinTX, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. JRinTX

    JRinTX Moderator

    How can we get more folks involved in mini trucks? It is a fun hobby and interest that especially suits hunters. The more folks we can get involved in this forum, the more knowledge and ideas we can share. I think the best part about owning a mini truck is that it is sort of a blank canvas that can be customized any way the owner wishes! :p
  2. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Well, the best way I can think of to get folks to come to the forum is to have more of the dealers post the link on their home page (as you have done JRinTX!) and perhaps drop an email to their past customers. Personally, I'm NOT a hunter but rather come at this from a landowner-with-lots-of-maintanance-to-do aspect. I have a 4WD compact tractor (John Deere 4100) which is very handy but just doesn't cut it for everything that I want to do. I belong to a pretty good "tractor" forum and I'll post a link to here over on it. Hopefully they won't mind! ;)

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