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How about some love for the kei Jimnys

Discussion in 'Kei Car Talk' started by Psycho Mike, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    Whether it is a Suzuki Jimny or Mazda AZ Offroad, why don't we get a little spot going in here for the off road beasts of the kei class :)

    I have to admit, they have caught my attention....the wife has agreed to a daddy-daughter project car and one wouldn't take up too much room on the parking pad while allowing us to get off the beaten track and get dirty. :D
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  2. Ryan Ash

    Ryan Ash New Member

    they are getting such a following right now that alot of service members have been buying them to ship with them back to the states, with that, the prices for them around Yokosuka, where the Navy base is, have been through the roof lately. One that is beat to hell but is a 1997 ready to ship goes for about 6k, when a few years ago they were going for 3k for a nice one that was ready to ship. But dont let me take away how much fun the Jimney is, that turbo engine makes for an off road beast.
  3. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    This is my 1973 Jimny LJ20V. Daily driven for years... now just goes out for special occasions.


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  4. kyrbz

    kyrbz Member

    That's nice! I like the older ones with the embossed body panels
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  5. kyrbz

    kyrbz Member

    A newer one I snapped a pic of on a recent trip to Japan

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