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Hot exhaust warning light Domingo

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Mago, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Mago

    Mago New Member

    The dash warning light is on that looks like an exhaust ...Any ideas why that would happen?
    The cat converter gets rather hot but I don t know why.
    I tried the flashing code light thing and came up with a 54....I'n not sure what to do next
    Does 54 mean intake problem? 94 Domingo
  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    From the OBDII generic code definitions code P-0054 is HO2S bank 1 sensor 2 heater resistance. I have no clue what that may mean.
  3. cbarlow

    cbarlow Member

    The converter may be stopped up
  4. ironstalin

    ironstalin New Member

    hi, did you get this fixed? how did you do the "flashing code light thing"? i have 95 domingo and the light just started to show up. thanks
  5. Mago

    Mago New Member

  6. ironstalin

    ironstalin New Member


    This link is for "96 & later with OBD2 systems". My Domingo is 1995 and it has an OBD1 connector (yours as well, probably). I guess it might be more or less the same and this is an excellent link. Thank you very much. I am going to check the resistance of the Heat Sensor on my Daihatsu Midget tonight and see what it is suppose to be like when the engine is cold and hot. By looking at Midget heat sensor it looks exactly the same as on Domingo
  7. Mago

    Mago New Member

    Turns out it was the exhaust temperature sensor.
  8. ironstalin

    ironstalin New Member

    The fix

    Here is an explanation on how I got this issue troubleshooted and fixed.

    In my case the warning light (in the picture below) started to flicker while driving and then came on for good even when the engine was cold.


    If the engine is running as usual and the exhaust not overheating, melting everything around it, very likely that the EGT sensor is faulty.

    1. Disconnect the sensor located on the left hand side of the exhaust (looking from the back). Open up the engine compartment lid since the connector is easily accessible from the top.
    2. Once the EGT single wire connector is disconnected, turn the engine ON and measure the voltage from the wire coming out of ECU to EGT sensor. (Voltmeter selection in DC volt, one lead to the connector, the other lead to ground). Suppose to measure 9.66VDC or so, positive being the wire from ECU.
    3. Check sensor continuity to ground. If there is no pass to ground-the sensor is no good. If the sensor continuity shows 0.7 Om or so, then the sensor is good, but there is no ground from the frame to exhaust. As far as I understand EGT sensor is just a normally closed switch. In this case find why the ground to sensor (exhaust) is broken and restore it.
    4. If the sensor does not show a pass through it and the grounding is good, then replace the sensor. I bought a medium price range sensor from http://thesensorconnection.com/egt-...gas-temperature/egt_compression_fitting.shtml

    Here is a picture of the new EGT sensor installed. Old sensor had M12x1.25mm thread, but the new sensor is 1/8NPT. I had to re-tap the 12mm hole in the exhaust to 1/4NPT, install a 1/4"NPT to 1/8"NPT reducer, and then install the sensor.

    EGT Sensor.jpg

    5. Connect wire from ECU to Yellow wire and red wire to ground.

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