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Horn Problem....

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Meansealvel, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    I just got a 94 u42t and the horn doesnt work... i have no idea where to begin besides taking off the bumper because i cant find the horn any where else.

    Question is once i do find it whats the procedure? Is there anything i should do before i go taking off the bumper? Any ideas info or comments:pop:

    Such an annoying problem.
  2. lectec

    lectec New Member

    Hey Meansealvel, I've got a 91 Mits Bravo as well. I have the Service manual. It appears that you should be checking Fuse 10, it's a 15 amp fuse.from there it appears there is a straight positive right to the horn itself. The Horn is appears to be switched on the negative side. As for where the horn is located, from the wiring harness connector diagram, it looks as though the horn is on the passenger side,by the fog lamps (if you have that option) the plastic bumper panel has what looks like a small speaker grill. about 2" X 2" From the diagram, it looks as though there are 2 connectors on the horn, they are labeled C63 and C64.

    Hope this helps. These vans are a ball to drive. Just finishing a few modifications, and if they work, I'll be posting the pictures, but they gotta work first!!

  3. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Wow awesome thanks so much! Im going to check that fuse right now! I need to get me a service manual! Any suggestions? Ive been looking at this one

    Oh aaaaand i hate to admit this but i dont have a van.... its a truck? Does that mean i dont have a u42t??? Man this has been a humbling experience so far!!

    \Either way thanks again man! I really appreciate the help!
  4. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Welp fuses all look good, which im actually happy about since a blown fuse is never a good thing even if it is the solution.... But i found the horn, its exactly where u said it was, ive eyballed that vent looking thing before i just couldnt see inside it, who would have thought i needed it to be dark to see it. Anyways thanks a lot! Any chance you could tell me how to take the bumper off ;) DO i need to remove the turn signals and stuff first? Ive found a few bolts and im sure i can figure it out..... either way thanks bro!
  5. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Ohhh K, welp i feel pretty stoopid. That was really easy. So for any newbies or any one else who owns a 94 Mitsubishi that has a horn fail on them....

    The horn is just behind the bumper under that speaker looking grill next to the left side turn signal. To remove the bumper there are 6 screws, 2 on the side of the truck under the front side of the door (you have to open the door to see them and remove them). There are 2 more screws at the bottom side of the bumper which screw into the tow hooks connected to the frame. Then there is one nut next to the license plate, and 2 more behind the turn signals (you have to remove the turn signals to get to them. Aaaand presto bumper is off. From here i just pulled the wire leads off the horn and tested them with the voltmeter, and it is getting power. So obviously the horn is broken and ill be looking for a new one tomorrow.

    Moral of the story is its really easy to remove the bumper and find the horn, and it looks like finding one that works is just as easy. And thanks so much lectec for the help!
  6. lectec

    lectec New Member

    No problem meansealvel,glad I could help you.

  7. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    My horn didn't work on my HiJet when I got it. It simply had rusted. I replaced it with a pair of Hella Supertones wired from a relay. Super easy. Honk! Honk!
  8. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Hmm ya know i was looking around the net for some replacements and im pretty sure i came across the ones you got, wasnt sure about how to hook two of them up or how they even work together. Im waiting for the NAPA guy who sold me the thing to get back to me, he said he would find me a replacement and hopefully i wont have to pay for it since it was like this when i got it! Either way Acerguy fire me a link for those horn if you dont mind... thanks!
  9. Cleiser25

    Cleiser25 New Member

    i have a 93 mittz and my horn doesn't work either apparently from all I'm reading everyone has this issue i hot-wired the horn to make sure it works and it does i have checked the fuses and they are all fine but the horn will not blow when button is pushed anyone have any ides as to what else i can try?
  10. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member


    KRAIG STROM Member

    Where is the horn located on a S80 Hijet?
  12. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Under the front bumper/fascia.
  13. trktrd

    trktrd Member

    My Acty had same “no horn” issue. Once I located it I saw what looked like an adjustment screw on the back side. Hot wired it and tweaked the screw a bit and it started working.
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    KRAIG STROM Member

    I found the old horn with corroded connections. I wired up a new horn which had two connection points like the old one.I cleaned all of the connections in the steering wheel. Horn still doesn't work. I cannot find any fuses blown. Any other suggestions?
  15. Roadster

    Roadster Member

    Did you connect a test light or a voltmeter to the horn connections and press the horn button? Perhaps hook the new horn directly to 12 volts and check that the new horn is indeed functioning. If there is no power at the terminals when the horn button is pushed, there may be a horn relay in the circuit somewhere. Maybe someone with a wiring diagram can ascertain that? It may be the horn button is inserted into the ground return and not the hot, in which case I suspect there should be 12 volts on the positive horn connection without the horn button being pushed - connect between the positive horn connection and a nearby chassis ground with your voltmeter. If there is 12 volts there, then I'd remove the steering wheel middle cover (two bolts behind and a couple of plastic catches on mine) and check to see if the horn button has continuity when activated and that one end of the horn wire has continuity to ground using the centre retaining bolt... If not, I suspect your issue is with the horn button or the ground to the horn button... With the horn cover off, you should be able to check for continuity between the wire from the horn connection and the negative at the horn to ensure that wire is intact. (assuming there is no relay in the line and the horn is indeed switched negative!) (Daihatsu and perhaps others, seem to do this "switching negative" thing, so I suspect it may be the case with the horn, as well)


    KRAIG STROM Member

    Good to know. I found my old one and installed a new one instead. Same two connector option. Not working. I cleaned all of the contacts in the steering wheel . I need to check for power with my multimeter.

    KRAIG STROM Member

    I may have a bad relay switch but I do not have a fuse box diagram to know which one is which. I will pull the relays and check them when my new OHM meter arrives.

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