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Honda Acty power loss under load

Discussion in 'Honda Acty References' started by darwin guiza, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. darwin guiza

    darwin guiza New Member

    I have a 1989 Honda Acty SDX 5speed 550cc here in NJ. i have a intermittent power loss under load. when i am on the highway around 90-100km in a small hill the acty loss speed to the point that i have to downshift. i know i dont have the most powerful truck ever but this issue is intermittent. I dont have idle issues or any trouble to start the car in the mornings.
    I replaced the spark plugs
    checked rotor and cap (nothing wrong) but i cleaned the terminals
    replaced fuel filter
    removed carefully the carburetor ( checked for any vacuum leak/diaphragm) cleaned it really well. it seems that the carburetor was rebuild in one point. i am not in expert with carburetors but I DONT KNOW IF IT IS NORMAL but when i fully open the throttle body side the other butterfly (by the metal mesh) does not open fully
    checked vacuum hoses
    i checked the only one electronic\power valve in the carburetor with 12v and it clicks
    I dont have black or white smoke
    i did a compression test 170 all 3 cylinders

    the only that i can think of is the exhaust. it has an aftermarket exhaust so it does not have the 2 pipes going to rail and something else. i got the truck like that.

    my other possibility is the lack of air into the air intake. i checked the air filter and it is fine but i cant not figure out where exactly is inlet of the fresh air (i know it goes to the frame rail)

    Thank you
  2. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    did you ever solve the problem?

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