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Honda Acty English Manual Published!

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Donald Andrews, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. :)Hello Honda Fans, forgot to post this....:frustration: The new 230 page Honda English Manual is up now http://www.lulu.com/content/4114895 :)
    For all the Honda people sending me emails here you go!!

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  2. hayseed

    hayseed New Member

    That's exactly what I'm looking for - except mine is a '98:frustration:
  3. 99whiskey

    99whiskey New Member

    Can/would anyone scan and post this to an FTP site for downloading?
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  4. No, they are not free to make and their not free to download. Its copywrited meterial.

  5. Jaredk253

    Jaredk253 New Member

    Does anyone know if this will cover the 550 engine?
  6. shogun

    shogun Member

    Front page says
    Third Edition: Over 230 Pages packed with information! This book is for 1989~1997 Honda Acty trucks and Vans. Carbureted Version. Contents include: 1. Specifications & Body Schematics. Decode your Vehicle Body-Engine-Transmission! 2. Factory Service Data Specifications 3. General Maintenance and Tune-Up 4. Engine Cooling System 5. Engine and Engine Overhaul 6. Fuel System & Emission Controls 7. Clutch Replacement 8. Drive Axels 9. Steering & Suspension Systems 10. Brake System 11. Starter & Alternator Charging System 12. Heating and A/C 13. Fuse & Relay Much More! Hundreds of Schematics and Diagrams to Help You Troubleshoot and Repair Your Vehicle!
    Carburated vehicle 660cc E07A
    2 WD & 4WD
    1989 - 1997 models

    Acty Truck and Acty VAN
    Here a limited number of pages displayed https://www.amazon.com/Honda-English-Factory-Service-Manual/dp/0557027993#reader_0557027993
  7. DWils

    DWils Member

    It's okay and gets the job done. You have to guess at some stuff though, but the pictures help and will generally point you in the right direction.

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