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Hijet S80 Rear Wheel Bearing Seal

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by WakeWorld, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. WakeWorld

    WakeWorld New Member

    I've got oil coming out of my driver side rear wheel, so I'm guessing I need a new rear wheel bearing seal. My son got a flat tire and drove it with the flat for about three miles to get it home, so I'm wondering if that did the damage. It might even need a new bearing. Any idea where I can find a seal and bearing for my little truck? I've looked everywhere online with no luck.
  2. If all else fails take it apart, a bearing and seal house will be able to cross reference the numbers on the old parts or go from the dimensions.
  3. WakeWorld

    WakeWorld New Member

    Ok, I'm trying to get the seal out, but I've run into an issue. I'm trying to get the brake cable removed, but, as you can see from the pic, there is a plate at the end of the axle over the brakes and you can't get in to remove the brake cable. Without removing the brake cable, I can't get the axle out so that I can get to the seal. I might be able to get the cable removed through the holes in the axle plate, but I can't imagine getting it reinstalled. There has to be a better way to change out the brake pads than doing it through two holes in the axle plate. What am I missing?

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  4. WakeWorld

    WakeWorld New Member

    Well, I got no love here, so I took a lot of pictures of the way the brakes and springs were set up (behind the plate) and started removing springs and pins in order to get behind the brake pads so that I could remove the parking brake cable. So now the cable is off and I was able to pull the axle all the way out and remove the wheel bearing seal. The numbers on the seal are NAK TC 40 52 8. I'm finding some seals that match online, so I'm going to order one up and hopefully it will match. Then we'll see if I can put it all back together!
  5. woopee

    woopee New Member

    This S80 looks like mine. How did you get the rear wheel drum off? And does that center-hub thing unscrew from the axle somehow? I even looked at the brake system manual here in the forum, and it doesn't cover it. So you had to service the brakes with that plate on there?

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