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Hijet S210P quick fixes

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Mark Smith, May 23, 2023.

  1. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith New Member

    Hey all, very new to this forum and excited to learn. I should be getting my 2000 Hijet PTO dumper with 47,000kms in a few months and was wondering what I should replace right of the bat? I know nothing about cars, but would love to learn and try and do things myself.

    From what I have read: oil, fuel and air filter? Timing belt? Fuel pump, water pump? I understand other things may be damaged and need fixing, but I was just hoping for a very general list of the "good idea to fix just to be safe"

    Thanks so much
  2. HiJinks

    HiJinks Member

    Congrats on your truck. You will really enjoy it. This forum and YouTube can be very helpful as you get used to the new wheels.
    While you wait, do a little research to determine basic stuff: What oil, fuel, and air filter you will need. You can order those and have them ready. Tires might be a need soon.
    You might be surprised at how well your vehicle will run if those are actual kms!
    If you aren’t totally comfortable doing more in depth repairs, look for a local mechanic that doesn’t mind working on older vehicles. I got my S83P in the US and my son burned up the clutch within a few weeks. I had to drop my transmission, replace the clutch, and adjust it myself. It was intimidating, but I got it done and truck was my daily driver for the past ten months.
    Take on the little things first, any bulb replacements, clean up, oil change, and those things.
    Good luck, enjoy.
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  3. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith New Member

    Thank you HiJinks

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