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hijet k&n airfilter E-9242

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet References' started by ttc, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    i measured the round air filter in my 95 s110p and matched it up to a k&n that fits a Mercedes a140/a160

    Part E-9242 Product Specifications
    Air Filter Shape Round
    Filter Material Cotton Gauze
    Filter Re-Oiling Amount 1.31 oz (39 ml)
    Flanges None
    Height 5.938 in (151 mm)
    Inner Wire No
    Inside Diameter 2.438 in (62 mm)
    Outside Diameter 4.313 in (110 mm)

    Points to note
    -the body is the same height as the steel body of the stock filter in my truck (not sure of brand so others may differ).
    -the stock steel one has 2 rubber seals, one glued at each end to seal the filter in the air box. actually making the filter about 4-6mm longer (i didnt measure)
    -the inner diameter of the K&N is really tight on the forward end of the air box (cone like part that the air goes into and out the snorkel to the carb. But there it can be forced on but there is also enough rubber that you can use a razor and cut the opening a bit bigger so it fits less snuggly
    -I removed the rubber seals off the stock air filter and glued them to the K&N with some psa glue that i had.

    We ordered our filter from summit racing and it took a week for it to show the order was filled and we recieved the order in canada about 4 days later.


    some photos of what i did btw ignore the uni foam on the stock filter as put it on while waiting for the k&N to come in so i could run the truck in the driveway and let the seafoam work its way through the carb. (my truck is fresh off the boat from Japan). I hope this information is useful to anyone else looking for air filter options.






    TMB FARM New Member

    This is is good information and I am glad you included good pictures.

    I used these K&N part numbers and for my Suzuki JB71T F5A and did not need to modify the filter at all. I did cut one end out of the pre-filter.
    (Air filter housing pn Y787 or Y78T -- not quite clear)

    The specs and dimensions can be seen on the K&N site.

    Air Filter -- K&N KA-1200
    Pre-Filter -- K&N 25-1770

    Note that the lengths are different for the KA-1200 and the E-9242. Different air boxes were used on these trucks (long and short). This is why most places that sell replacement filters state to measure for sure. I measured the one that came in mine and carefully measured the airbox. The KA-1200 was the correct length and ID for the airbox on my truck. It is nice to have the larger OD such as on the E-9242, but using the pre-filter makes up for this on my installation.
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