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HIJET engine replacement

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by lauro, Apr 10, 2017.


Is it possible to bolt a 660cc (1990+) engine nstraight into the same chassis as the 550cc (1987) ??

  1. yes directly in no alterations

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  2. no you will need to make additional changes

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  1. lauro

    lauro New Member

    Hi Guys does anyone know if a 550cc engine i have in my 1987 Diahatsu hijet can be replaced by a 660cc engine? My current engine has given up as the timing belt has gone and the valves have been damaged.
    For the cost of rebuilding i thought i might be able to replace the engine and bolt on a 660cc engine from a later model. Can the 660cc bolt straight in ??
  2. Squeaks-leaks

    Squeaks-leaks New Member

    I don't know if the the 660cc will bolt in or not so I cant help you there.

    But before you give up on your 550cc you really need to pull the head and inspect the damage. You might be able to get away with just replacing the bent valves depending on the damage. It would be a lot less expensive and a hassle to rebuild the engine you have currently because you know for sure it will fit.
  3. lauro

    lauro New Member

    hi mate
    thanks for that i have thought about that but my mechanic said if the pistons are gone then it would be best to know if we can get pistons before the head comes off. would you agree. i couldn't imagine taking the head off to inspect would be much work?

    would you know were i could get replacement pistons from ?
  4. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Bronze Supporting Member

    I did it on a 94 LHD Daihatsu. I got the motor from GR Imports and they helped me through it. Everything bolted up ... had to change something on the wires going to the distributor.
  5. lauro

    lauro New Member

    @woodhe1 would you know of any sites i might find pistons for my 1987 hijet climber?

  6. ttc

    ttc Member

    impex is worth looking at

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