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High flow exhaust

Discussion in 'Performance' started by MiniBrutes, May 14, 2008.


    WELDER Member

    The truck in my signature is as follows:

    -exhaust manifold
    -2" tube (one 90 degree, large radius bend)
    -Turbo (adds a bit of back pressure)
    -2.5" dump pipe
    -2.5" tube (one 90 degree, large radius bend)
    -3" stack

    It aside from the turbo, it will let the exhaust flow very freely:p
  2. ccrn2

    ccrn2 New Member

    Sounds like I should just put the snorkel on and leave everything else alone. The only thing I can think of, besides the exhaust, would be to hire someone to heat it with a hair drier before I get there. Was really hoping bypass those exhaust hoses and seal off my air box. Is there another way other than my hair drier idea? :confused:
    Anyone want a seasonal job preheating my carb?? :D
  3. BigJoel

    BigJoel Member

    Just FYI, i have removed the hot air hoses from my "air box". Mainly because cooler air makes more power, i want as much power as i can get out of this little thing. haha. But i haven't had a bit of trouble out of mine. Just have to let it warm up a few minutes in the mornings..
  4. ccrn2

    ccrn2 New Member

    noticable power?

    awesome to hear bigjoel. main reason i want to do it is to keep water out. hence the reason for the snorkel. i have a post from late march looking for help because i put mine under water.:frustration: i have a plastic welder and some plastic laying around the same grade as the air box is made of so i should be able to make her air tight or water tight in my case. how noticeable is the difference in power since you have removed these hoses? more power would be a plus if it works for me!!
  5. BigJoel

    BigJoel Member

    Honestly, not enough to notice, but i makes me feel like i've done something haha.. I think the main thing holding these little motors back is restriction on intake and exhaust.

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