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High Elevation Low Power

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Nickw, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. Nickw

    Nickw New Member

    I have a 97 Sambar carb’d, no AC. I live at 7000 feet elevation and am thinking I may need to re jet the carb. Truck runs very smoothly but has no power in 5th. Max speed is about 50 mph floored and gets worse with wet cold weather. At lower elevation I was able to get up to 65 mph no problem with plenty of throttle left. I’ve searched for part numbers for jets with no luck. Any ideas on a solution?
  2. Mistery510

    Mistery510 New Member

    Not gunna lie, your profile confused the heck out of me... I'm nick w and I'm from AZ as well lol... I was like did I accidentally make a new profile lol
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  3. Nickw

    Nickw New Member

    Haha nice! I’m up here in Show Low freezing to death
  4. Mistery510

    Mistery510 New Member

    Yeah man we got tons of rain down here in Phoenix!!! Good luck up there!!!
  5. Lyle Knox

    Lyle Knox New Member

    Hi fellow Zonies. We just got a place in Forest Lakes, 7,540' elevation. I'm looking at the supercharged FI version specifically for the elevation. NickW, you're going to lose performance at our elevation no matter what. Re-jetting will help some, but there's just no O2 to burn. I know that a small generator looses about 3.8% for every 1,000' elevation gain, so figure a 25% performance loss at 7k'.


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