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Hi there! ‘95 Daihatsu Hijet

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CVP33, Dec 30, 2021.

  1. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    Just found this place and just found my mini! Details in my signature. Mine is definitely an on-road run about. Absolutely loving it. Definitely found a clean one with only 17K miles. Underbody is super clean and this one really drives nice. Already had it up to 70mph and it felt good, tracked straight. Bought it from the great folks at Mayberry Mini Trucks and can’t say enough about them. They made it painless and even helped get her loaded on a 6x12 uHaul with only an inch to spare on each side going in.

    Already washed it 4 times in 3 days, painted the (grill, mirrors, headlight surrounds, wings, brake calipers), buffed out the paint and signal lenses, changed the wipers, made a bed liner out of sone rubber garage flooring and added some stickers that make me and my buddies laugh a bit. We’re a pretty juvenile bunch.

    *now if I could just find the washer fluid reservoir. LOL

    And I named it White Rhino……

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Jonno

    Jonno Member

    Very cool! Welcome!
  3. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    Just bought mine from them in November. Good people! Had mine in piece in the garage since then.
  4. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    So far I’ve been cleaning her up, doing light mods and replacing hardware with stainless bolts everywhere that isn’t related to chassis integrity. Mine will be a classic storm trooper (black/white) when I’m done.

    Mods include:
    1) Painted the grill and wings white
    2) Painted the Wiper arms, headlight surrounds, side view mirrors, black
    3) Painted the disc brake calipers red (cuz race car)
    4) Changed wiper blades
    5) Made a custom bedliner out of rubber garage flooring
    6) Buffed all the light lenses
    7) NiLight LED lights - 2X Bed, 2X Ditch, 1X 20” light bar (still need to wire)
    8) Added stickers that make me and my buddies laugh

    Mods inbound:
    1) JDM M6 stainless hardware kit with black anodized washers
    2) 2X 20” white Lund bed boxes for extra storage
    3) Raptor Line the bed area
    4) VW MK1 front spoiler - yes it fits
    5) Japanese custom front plate
    6) Black anodized roof rack
    7) Wheel adapter/spacers (Daihatsu’s have an orphan 4x110 bolt pattern, way more wheel choices in 4x100)
    8) Drag-34 14x6” wheels. Black of course.
    9) Nexen 195/60’s. Monsters compared to what’s on there.
    10) 13” wood steering a wheel
    11) Custom shift knob
    12) Wheel flares to cover the poke
    13) JBL Charge5 blue tooth speaker for a little thump
    14) 2X3 gang switches - one with 3 independent switches for each set of lights / the other for a volt meter + 2 USB’s + cig liter
    15) White wire loom cover
    16) 72 sq/ft of KILMAT sound deadening
    17) Spray can lens tinting
    18) White Tow D-rings
    19) Battery Cover - custom made
    20) White Rhino decals……of course I named it. LOL

    Also looking at a Nissan Pao to work on as well. After that I’ll wait another 2 years for the 1999 Daihatsu Hijets with the face lift and try to get a dump.

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  5. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    For now I just painter the stock wheels. ammo.jpg
    bat box.jpg
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  6. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Good looking stuff guys!

  7. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    She’s a beauty HH!
  8. Jonno

    Jonno Member

    Those tyres look amazing! What is their spec?

    As you've had the truck in the shop for a while, do you happen to have replaced the fluids? I'm still looking for a reliable table of what fluids and volumes I need for my HiJet 99 EF. If you have them to hand I'd be hugely grateful!
  9. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    Mod Monday. Had a bunch of parts drop today…unfortunately wheels delayed by FedEx until Wednesday.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    Perfect boxes!!
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  11. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    Tires are 23/8/12 Carlisle All Trails
    I found capacities all on the forum and found a pdf for 1989 to 1998 Service Manual ,which won't help you but other years may be listed on the forum.
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  12. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

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  13. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    I have all of my rubbers (lol). However I did scrub off the driver’s side during shipping…my bad. I never had the chains so I’ll definitely grab those, THANKS!
  14. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    Take some pics of the steering wheel install. May have to do that if it's not a pain in the ass.
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  15. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    Ordered the replacement rubber anyway + chains + license plate adapter = ~$100.

    Steering wheel should be straight forward. Thankfully no air bag. I had to remove my airbag on my Z06 to install a trim piece. I just knew that thing was going to blow up in my face, thankfully it didn’t. Before/After….

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2022
  16. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    I have a couple vettes in the garage that I play with. A C5 and a C6.
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  17. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    Wow, nice ones. This is only my second one. I wasted a lot of time, money and effort trying to make less capable cars go faster. The Z06 does everything I need a race car to do right out of the box. Here’s mine in its natural habitat….along with my old one.

    My view

    My buddy following me in his GT3 race car

    My 2016 Callaway Z06

    My current Sebring Orange 2019


    And my 2010 F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 with a 4.6L and 175K miles that just won’t die.

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  18. Jonno

    Jonno Member

    The tires look amazing! Thanks for your reply - I'm still searching the site for non-contradictory info on fluids, but I have the service manual ordered, which should sort that out. Enjoy the build and driving that beast!
  19. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter New Member

    That's cool. Thought about racing, talked about racing, but never have done it. I live near Knoxville and do go up and drive the dragon a couple times a year.
    Very cool!
    Talked about track days, thought about tracks days......... but have never done track days! I live outside of Knoxville and I do go up and run the Dragon several times a year. In all vehicles!!
    16638931.jpg 26829841.jpg 32338901.jpg
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  20. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    I had a few Mopars. 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2006 300c SRT8 black and a built 2006 300C SRT8 with a P1 pro charger running 7lbs of boost. Made 725rwhp but we backed her down to 650rwp due to fuel issues and wanting to be super safe. Ran 10’s all day long and my favorite part - traveling down the highway at 60mph, mash the gas and light up the wheels to 130mph indicated. Much less in reality as it was just spinning. Good, childish, fun.
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  21. Clauss

    Clauss New Member

    Very nice! Your truck is quite similar to mine. Mine is 4wd with no ac. Other than that same year, very close to the same condition and mileage. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Gives me some good ideas.
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  22. Just 4 Fun

    Just 4 Fun New Member

    Funny you mention the charge 5, I was looking at getting one of those but ended up buying the Extreme 3 at a boxing day sale for the same price as the charge 5.

    On the bright side the E3 is a “stereo” speaker and is 100w where the C5 is “mono” and only 50w.

    To be honest 100w of thump in a mini truck is way too much but then again I like my tunes on the loud side.

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  23. Christopher a botta

    Christopher a botta New Member Supporting Member

    Very nice work, looks great from one newbie to another
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  24. CVP33

    CVP33 Member

    Got legal today.

    1) Courthouse to pay property tax - $75
    2) Tags + SC title + sales tax (not paid because I bought in NC and reside in SC) - $340
    3) Insurance / State Farm $150 every 6 mos.

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