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Hi from The Netherlands!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dutchminitrucker, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Dutchminitrucker

    Dutchminitrucker New Member

    Hi all!


    My first jdm car was a Toyota starlet Glanza, had some other cars, and after watching many many video’s on youtube, i made the decision. I bought myself a Kei truck!! It arrives on 30th op april in de port of Amsterdam.

    Its a : Suzuki Carry ‘94, a DD51T. Just a 4 speed with the 4wd.

    Plans: first to get it road legal to get the dutch license plates. (Every car in NL gets a test every year). So changing the headlight to LHD, every 7” lights will fit, fitting new tyres(japanese tyres dont have DOT code) and checking it to make it to the test!

    Still thinking about to make it more jdm style, some spoilers on it, lowering, wheels etc, or make it rough 4wd style, with 2 inch lift with a bullbar and winch etc etc.

    But first wait till it arrives.

    Ill keep you guys posted.



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  2. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    Very nice! And welcome to the forum! Those are nice wheels on that one. If you don't plan to offroad yours, then lowering is a good choice... and maybe make yours more unique too.
  3. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome! Good luck with getting your truck street legal!
  4. Reticent Sage

    Reticent Sage New Member

    Welcome from America! Congrats on finally going with a mini truck. I also went with Be Forward and it was a pretty smooth process. May the winds be in your favor.
  5. Dutchminitrucker

    Dutchminitrucker New Member

    Hi everyone! back again on Minitrucktalk!, the Carry arrived in Amsterdam, and brought to me to my house!

    So it arrived....


    But not in the condition i expected...

    I knew that it was a bit dirty, but ive found out, that the previous under smoked in the car. ALOT. The whole inside is yellow of the nicotine....

    Some minor rust, little on the inside of the cabin.

    Next plans;

    Clean the inside DONE
    New Headlights for right side traffic. DONE
    New Tyres
    New oil, oilfilter, airfilter, sparkplugs. DONE
    New vacuumlines DONE
    New Distributor cap with Rotor, ORDERD
    Welding the exhaust (small hole in it.
    New Seatbelt Driverside (teard up)

    so for 2 days straight being busy cleaning the cabin. finally ready with it:)

    The engine revs high on cold, gets lower when getting hotter, but its not running good when hot. First going to try the new vacuumlines, before im going to screw the whole carburator up... I see alot of issues with fuel pump etcetera?

    So first waiting for parts before i can continue with it.
    The most important is the engine. the rest is afterwards.

    But in overall, i like it so far, needs a lot of TLC.

    Finding parts is kinda hard here in Europe, because they dont know the car, but, with some part numbers, im finding the right parts for it:)

    So first getting ready for getting my licenseplate to drive it on the dutch roads. So it needs to be perfect, because they will check everything, Emissions, lights, tyres, etc.

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  6. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Working on them is an adventure. And, it helps if you have a bit of experience as a mechanic. They are very different from the more modern vehicles most people are used to.

    In regard to parts: they were sold under several different names as exports from the JDM. If you look up the Suzuki Carry, on Wkipedia, there is a list of the various brands, and names it was sold under. YOur parts sources may be able to source parts under those names which will interchange with your truck.

    My Hijet, was sold in europe as a Bedford, and manufacturered in Italy as the Piaggio Porter. Knowing that has allowed me to look on eBay Europe, and source some of the parts for my Hijet. The front structure which cost $250 here in the USA, go for around $120 with shipping from Britain, once i knew what KB part number to look for.
  7. Dutchminitrucker

    Dutchminitrucker New Member

    It sure is an adventure!

    today had the time to do all the things what i wanted, did the full maintenance, changed some vacuum lines, and also some coolant lines. It runs so much better now! Only waiting now for the distributor cap. the one who is on the car is almost gone. very worned out.
  8. Dutchminitrucker

    Dutchminitrucker New Member

    So, back ones again!

    what did we do this time,


    The distributor cap,
    Fixed the brake light switch,
    changed and cleaned the rear lights.
    Ordered new tyres,
    New seatbelt is coming!
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  9. S.Hiro

    S.Hiro Member

    Hi There,
    well shipper send you bad quality unit, but you have no choice to fix it every things, converting to LHD is a big Job, you need to move the radiator to your left side may be 3 Inches, cut the penal of radiator place and fix it back, hope that will help to fix other things in Cabin areas, wish you good luck
  10. Dutchminitrucker

    Dutchminitrucker New Member

    No im not going to make it lhd, i mean that the light beam on the carry is made for rhd cars. If you drive this one with the rhd light beams, you shine everyone in their face. Plus its a failure on the test. So now i bought 2 lhd lights, so now the beams shines the good way.

    But honestly, its in bad shape. Did not pay a lot for it, but it could be better.
  11. S.Hiro

    S.Hiro Member

    Thanks for reply. ok that is fine, I thought you will Change to LHD, it's not a big job to make it look nice, good luck
  12. deshet

    deshet Member

    What auction grade was yours? Men in Japan smoke like chimneys. It would be hard to find a 25 year work truck that wasn't smoked in.

    Trying to figure out how the ratings align to expectations. I rarely see auction grade 4. It seems that 3.5 is considered good.

  13. S.Hiro

    S.Hiro Member

    hello again,
    yes 4 is good grade but quite expensive if KM are less then 40,000 / 50,000. that is mos for local use in japan,
    3.5 is also non accident car but batter then points 3,
    now points 3 is a accident trucks/vehicles, some are small accident so you need t read the auction report of the unit, so you will know its a small accident or big, some units are small accident, still look great, most export are points 3 or unless pay more and get 3.5.
    thanks with hope that will help
  14. deshet

    deshet Member

    Can you state what auction grade your truck was?
    I believe that the auction grade has a lot more to do with the overall condition including mechanical condition than what you explain above.
    I am wondering if you bought a low grade truck and had to fix a bunch of stuff because of the grade of the truck?

    Did the be forward warranty cover any of your costs?


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