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Hey all New Suzuki carry owner here, What should I get Done to her!

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Dismantle, May 26, 2019.

  1. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    Hello everyone, Just purchased a 2003 Suzuki carry with diff lock, power steering, and Ac. What do all of you master carry owners think I should get done to her. She's 15 years old with 60k km on her. I want to be able to drive on the street but also go down some trails as well. If anyone knows any other tips on what things I have to get it road legal in bc that would be great as well. I see them driving around so I know it must not be too hard. cheers again looking forward to reading your comments!
    lo 0507435A30190517W00103.jpg
    0507435A30190517W00104.jpg 0507435A30190517W00105.jpg 0507435A30190517W00114.jpg 0507435A30190517W00118.jpg 0507435A30190517W00121.jpg

    SAITCHO Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice truck looks like mine, I have 25k on the odometer but no power steering. I spent a ton of time looking for tires and its not an easy task. In Quebec I cant drive on the road until the truck is 25 years old since its aright hand drive.

    So I went with off-road tires only. There are a few DOT off-road atv tires out there but are quite noisy on the road and the load rating isnt that great. I dont know how often you plan to switch from on to off-road but the tires are so easy to change I would run two sets and switch between them. For the road legal modifications at least in Quebec you will need daytime running light to be always on and the third brake light. If you have a chance can you take a picture of your leaf springs, I think the previous owner changed them on mine because I dont have the flat overload leaf and there is a mitsubishi paint decal on it. Did you import the truck yourself? I dont know about yours but I was amazed how rust free these things are even after all these years.

    After looking around just found out you got your truck same place as mine here is a link to mine:

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  3. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    Amazing, that's so cool we have same ride, mine is being imported as we speak. It's probably going to be going on boat soon Haha. I am super stoked to get it. Ya 4sons are great I really like the owner such a nice helpful guy. Ya Vancouver is is 15 years old so I can drive it on road in bc. You should add me on WhatsApp so we can keep I touch with what mods we do to our trucks. I have a summer house in Quebec would be fun with tracks in snow Haha.

    SAITCHO Member

    I have a snowmobile for the winter thrills, tracks are not on the menu for now. My main upgrade will be a dump bed I am designing right now then I want to build front and rear bumpers. I received mine a month ago so now I am working on my stick shift skills, always drove automatic before. Jeremy is awesome to work with make sure you check his youtube channel lots of stuff in there.
  5. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Member

    good lookin truck~!

    these things are tons of fun. since you got a newer one? you will probably not have to do anything for a while!

    for those of us with older ones? heh heh. learning is part of the process.

    if you are wanting street legal tires? we got a link in a thread i posted last week to several types that fit your truck.

    lots of us are running 12" ATV rims... which opens a world of tires & street legal/off road tires.
  6. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    I would love to see what options you used! Let's see if I can find that forum post you made.
  7. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Member

  8. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    Lifting the truck helps when you want taller and wider wheels.
  9. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    I will probably do a 2" lift kit.

    SAITCHO Member

    With a 2 inch lift kit you can go up to 23 inch tires. So on that page linked by SDK you only have 2 choices: The mongrel or the black diamond, and the black diamond are gonna be very noisy on the road. The choice of ATV tires with the proper load rating is pretty limited and if you add DOT requirement to it then there is not much choice left. If you go to 25 inch tires you open up more choices but then you need a 4 inch lift kit and that is a lot more involving. For my truck I bought 25 inch maxxis ceros and I ordered the 4 inch lift kit from Jeremy. Next step is to get wheels. You will probably need 12 inch wheels but the 4x100 bolt pattern is not common. You can buy wheel adapter to give you a wider stance and allow you to mount more common ATV bolt pattern and give you more choices of wheels. Some car also used that bolt pattern so you may find something at your local scrap-yard.
  11. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Active Member

    The first question I have, is whether you have a full frame, or have a unibody front section under the cab?

    This makes a huge difference on how you can raise things up. If you have a unibody, you're stuck with just suspension lift, and two inches is the max you can probably go to without over stressing the CV joints, and boots.

    If you have front frame, you can lift the body off the frame, so you can go with less suspension lift, combined with a body lift, and get more clearance for larger tires.

    SAITCHO Member

    The 4 inch lift kit from 4sonsoffroad also drop the front diff by 2 inches so you only modify the geometry by 2 inches.

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