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Help -sputtery after big weather change and battery swap

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by rynow, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. rynow

    rynow Member

    Long story. SOLVED ****
    thanks to all that helped.
    fix can be read here:

    (92 mits Bravo mincab, 660cc, auto, turbo)

    So had to change my battery cus the temp here killed it
    8 days in my garage at -30
    needed boost
    ran it and drove 20 min
    started again after 4 hrs out in -25
    drove home 20min trip.
    Parked in garage 3 days temp -20s


    So now the temp is -7
    wont start SO bat must be done.
    got at boost head to out to get new batt.

    But van is all hesitating at idle and under load.
    doesnt stall but sputtery.

    Heres a link to a couple video clips: me starting it up and then another one where I turn the lights on and off. to try to see the spark jump again.
    Couldn't see the spark today .....not sure why.

    Still missfireing, studdering, hesitating ....video with audio will be best to see n hear what's happnen.
    Any ideas?



    SO get new batt
    drive home....and push it to see how she goes.
    seems OK after 60kph non stop all the way home. 10 min trip

    Think there might be some condensation in the gas.
    read about seafoam. Sounds good.


    Drive though the slushy swampy streets to go get some seafoam.
    still sputtery and loapy

    so I was on a bit over 1/4 tank of gas ....
    dumped in 1/3 of a can of seafoam into gas before filling up.

    Started her up ...ran 3 min down the road and the O2 / Catalytic converter warnnig light came on.
    Not knowing what the light meant I proceeded to panic (pants shitting is what I call it) thinking its the tranny.

    She was still sputtery the rest of the 4min ride home.
    SO now I wonder seafoam? slush hit the sensor and set it off ?

    It did go on once before after washiing undercarrage and on a swampy slushy day 2 yrs ago.

    How long into the tank of gas should I start to see the hesitation/loapyness go away IF it was condensation in my gas and the seafoam did it's thing.

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
  2. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    Condensation in Distributer cap, Crack in cap or faulty plug wires. I had a bad set of plug wires that were sparking out the top of the boot. Found out at night with the seat up, after zapping myself earlyer that day. Change the plug wires and cap anyways, sounds like they have been on there for a few years .
  3. rynow

    rynow Member

    Thanks for the reply...

    I had a look at them today seemed pretty dry in that area.
    The cap n rotor were new in august of summer.
    new wires too.

    don't think that's it but might start her up in the dark to double check.

    and have a peek inside the cap for moisture.

    Drove today and nothing really changed.
    still sputtery and idle drops to apx 500 rpm and back up to 8-900 when it sputters.

    It isn't as bad or noticeable once I get her over 50kph.
    Shifts smooth like normal at the right rpm

    Also strange that I drove apx 56km today hesitating all the way.
    (never stalled)
    stopped mid way for 15 min
    drove all the way back and washed the undercarriage (very slushy here right now)

    started up and idled perfect at just under 1000rpm
    drove a block n a half ran perfect but 40 feet from home started it's bad idle / hesitating / shudder again.

    SO puzzled.
  4. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Almost sounds like the idle is not set right I know at one time mine ran ok till it got warm then if it would set and idle down after driving it would start to run bad give it gas and it was fine.
  5. cbarlow

    cbarlow Member

    Fuel pump maybe?
  6. rynow

    rynow Member

    Thanks fellas,

    Not sure how the idle setting would get altered.
    the vehicle has had the same idle setting through 4 winters.

    I don't think it would be the fuel pump.
    just put a new intank pump in this past august.

    checked my transmission fluid...bit dirty but all there.
    oil kinda dirty but good.

    Still have 3/4 of a tank with seafoam in the gas to get through.
    I really hope that it's just condensation in the tank and the seafoam will get it out.

    keep the ideas coming

  7. rynow

    rynow Member


    took off distributor cap.
    fair bit of build up on contacts. 2 especially covered (thus bad performance)
    Scrubbed it all off made it all dust n water free.

    Then when I put it back on I could hear loud clicking noise from distributor area.
    It had gotten dark by then and now I could see the spark jumping out of the cap adjacent to the wire #1 connection.

    thus the bad performance / acceleration /misfiring.

    gonna try my old one til a new one can show up.
  8. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    sounds like there is a crack in the cap...looks like that is more than likely the problem
  9. rynow

    rynow Member

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