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Hello From Kentucky

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by toddstang, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. toddstang

    toddstang New Member

    Happened to find the mini-tucks by accident, was originally looking to get a Polaris Ranger for my farm but happened to see an ad for the mini-trucks on the screen and been looking at these ever since.
    Right now it looks like I'm leaning towards a Suziki Carry with an auto trans (because my shoulder recently had surgery) and installing a lift kit and some wheels.
  2. Cpatterson2545

    Cpatterson2545 New Member

    Have you tried to title/register for street use? I have a neighbor in Richmond selling a mini-truck that is like to use on farm and drive to town on occasion.
  3. toddstang

    toddstang New Member


    Still looking at MT's. May drive to G&R next month to buy one. Blue Grass MT's here in Etown wants as much for a stock model as G&R does for one lifted with wheels and less miles.
  4. Jeffreyz

    Jeffreyz New Member

    Just picked one up off Facebook in West liberty. Looking like just need triangle around here in Menifee to get downtown. Better and cheaper than utv

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