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Hello, Carry Sub-Forum - New Owner from Alberta --- Diary Thread

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by RancheroMan, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    Hello Carry sub-forum.

    I'm a new Carry owner from Alberta, Canada.

    My Carry is a 1999, the importer put the wheels, tires and lift on it and I painted the strip down the side last weekend.

    Next few steps are for a new floor mat (having trouble finding on on-line, might just find some rubber matting and cut to fit) and really would like to get a hitch receiver on the back.

    Any hints or tips are welcome!

  2. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    welcome to the Forum- lots of great ideas here. enjoy your new ride !!
  3. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    So i thought I'd keep this going as a diary thread of my truck.

    I couldn't find a floor mat on-line for the truck, so I stopped at the hardware store and got them to cut me off a length of continuos rubber floor mat.

    I used the old mat as a pattern, traced it out and cut it with some heavy duty scissors. I like how it turned out.

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  4. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    I got the new radio today and popped it in quick after work. It has AM/FM/AUX/USB/SD and BlueTooth. It's not a perfect fit, too tight with the mounting bracket. I ended up installing it with a pressure fit, it's quite snug, and I am not concerned with theft in my area.

    Sound is not great, but I wasn't expecting much from two tiny speakers. However, I am happy to have more options available rather than just AM radio.

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  5. Pete Jeffers

    Pete Jeffers New Member

    Hi where did you get your wheels and what size did you install Thanks Pete
  6. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    The guy I bought it from did the wheels and tires. The rubber is Maxis Ceros 23x8-12 and the rims are Vision Lockout's 12x7.
  7. Pete Jeffers

    Pete Jeffers New Member

    how does it handle with them on and is there a lift kit on yours
  8. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    The truck spends most of its time on the yard on my acreage and down the gravel roads. It handles alright, not great, not terrible, but are noisy at certain speeds. There is a 2" lift on the truck, again, installed by the guy I bought it from. The guy imports the trucks and says of all tires he's tried, he like the Maxxis Ceros the best.
  9. Wheelie

    Wheelie Member

    Love it, wish mine was newer.
  10. aspck

    aspck New Member

    Hey man, first k-truck I've seen with a stripe! Looks awesome.

    Is your Carry 4wd, and if so does it have selectable 2wd? I'm looking at getting a 99-2000 myself but I'd like to be able to choose when to use 4wd.
  11. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    I like how the stripe turned out. I used rattle-can bed liner and it gives it the right amount of texture to look tough rather than sporty.

    The truck is selectable 2H-4H-N-4L. The 2H-4H is shift on the fly, but I find it works best if your off the throttle when shifting.

    JERRY GOULD New Member

    kool truck
  13. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    Been a while since I was last on....kinda feel bad about it!

    Anyway, just a quick update on a hitch I fabbed up for the mini truck. I'm not an engineer, my welding skills are poor, but the hitch will mostly be for pulling a small trailer around my property for grass, leaves and branches. It won't be pulling anything on public roads.

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  14. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    Amazing hitch I really want one as well for my truck. You got yours from 4 sons offroad correct? I would love an update!
  15. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    Yeah, pick it up from 4 Sons, they were great to deal with.

    As for an update, I haven't done much with the truck lately, just a expanded metal screen over the back window.

  16. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    Oh that's a great idea!! How did you attach the rear hitch? Where where the strongest points? Your truck is looking great!!
  17. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    We attach ours to the side of the frame on the front and on the rear hitches. A very solid attachment.
  18. Dismantle

    Dismantle New Member

    You should make them I would buy one !!! Did you get 250lb springs or 300? I'm debating what one i should get.
  19. RancheroMan

    RancheroMan New Member

    I’m certain that it is not the strongest point, but my hitch bolts to the back of the leaf spring bracket. It was the easiest place to bolt it up without drilling large holes in the frame. I only tow a small trailer for leaves, grass and branches around my yard so I’m comfortable with it.

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