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Hello all from NePa!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by crownryal, Sep 11, 2022.

  1. crownryal

    crownryal New Member

    Howdy all,
    I’ve been reading all about minis for a few years and checked out a couple for sale, but never pulled the trigger.
    I happened upon a “recovered” 1993 Suzuki Carry on FB with 90k that was previously used on a farm and completely abandoned in a hedgerow.
    As it was headed for the shredder an industrious young fella saved her from the gears of war and had dreams of restoring her.
    Life happened and all he ever got to use the truck for was a step ladder to install Christmas lights. Eventually, he listed it for sale and we struck a deal for a swap.
    The belief was that the head gasket was blown or the valves were stuck.
    After getting her home, I pulled the valve cover and found the valves out of adjustment, a lash adjuster jammed in an oil galley, the plug wires mismatched, and vacuum lines lying about like medusa hair after an electrocution.
    All of this is to say…you all have been invaluable to helping me get this thing running, without even knowing it!
    Here’s a pic of her on the trailer as I got her…broken coil spring, flat tires, and all!

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  2. Kauai Kei

    Kauai Kei Member

    Welcome! Love to see an abandoned truck brought back to life, so good on you!

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