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Head parts help

Discussion in 'References' started by Parker H Thompson, May 10, 2021.

  1. Parker H Thompson

    Parker H Thompson New Member

    Ok I've searched til I'm blue in the face, posted in the carry sub with zero replies.
    1995 dd51t f6a motor
    I'm needing help finding a cross reference to the exhaust rocker keepers that are pressed into the head.
    I've set the valves to spec, and then a hair tighter to get rid of the clatter. Didnt work like I wanted.

    There is way too much slop on the exhaust rockers when are on the backside of the cam lobes. So much so, that it almost comes off the valve stems.

    Any help will be much appreciated and will owe someone a 12 pack of beer for their wealth in knowledge!

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