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Hatfield & McCoy Trails in West Virginia???

Discussion in 'United States' started by Mini4WD, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. mountanier41

    mountanier41 New Member

    unlimeted miles of trails

    there are litterly hundreds of miles of trails here to ride without ridingt the hatfield mcoy trails,most locals seldom ever ride the hatfield mcoy trail systems,,you can also ride any hard surface road that doesnt have a painted line,there are also hundreds of miles of dirt roads to ride,I have a mini and ride at will here,I can leave my driveway and ride my mini all day ,its a great palce to ride with few restrictions,unless you ride hatfield mcoy
  2. Katal Og

    Katal Og New Member


    I congratulate the great article !
  3. crisco

    crisco New Member

    old thread, but i would be up to checking this place out.... i'm not too far from WV.
  4. mountanier41

    mountanier41 New Member

    mini trailing in w.v.

    dont know which way you would be coming from but try the area between matoaka and crumpler,you can ride all day in this area with a mini and not have to hit the hatfield macoy trail systems,although there is a trail head for them very close to crumpler,like I said before, not painted line on a road, you can ride,also unlimited strip trails and gas line trails,on the crumpler side you can get something to eat or a cold beer,I live on a mountain in this area and ride a lot,both atv and mini,subjest you put a floresant farm tractor triangle sign on the back of your mini,this is what a sheriff here told me,this is in mercer county,part of the southern coal field region,I moved here when I retired because of the freedom to ride most anywhere and the peace and quiet,come on down ,you wont be dissapointed
  5. crisco

    crisco New Member

    ok cool! great info, thanks! i do have one of the tractor triangle reflectors from my kubota i can bring.
  6. snowfighter

    snowfighter New Member

    I was just at the h/m trails over labor day weekend 2014. my wife and I trailed little coal river 1st then went down to Ivy branch "which by the way is open to mini trucks and all off road vehicles for that matter" and then finally on to bearwallow where i got to speak with a ranger first hand and he was able to see our carry in person "this is a good thing" after being able to see the truck first hand, he said he would recommend to his boss to allow mini trucks on all trails that already allow utv's. It is my intent to call back to M/T at the end of this week to see if anything has transpired since our visit there. that being said, ivy branch was some good wheeling I was greatly impressed with our trucks ability to climb those rocky hills " btw 2" lift and 25" carlisle all trail tires other than that bone stock" suspension was the only downfall as the very rocky terrain liked to jar our teeth out, still trying to think of an idea for that. but we had an absolute great time and I am certain that any capable driver with an off road atv type tire could traverse all the green and blue trails at any of their trail heads.

    now for the current utv rules!!!!

    1.cannot be homemade = mini trucks are not!!!
    2.steering wheel by manufacture? Yep we all got that!!!
    3.tires must be a maximum of 20 psi? I ran 18, I wish I would have deflated mine to 10psi or less would prolly not have lost a tooth filling J/K
    4.roll over protection? well we have a cab and my truck has a factory headache/rollover bar thingy
    5.factory seat belts? yep we got'em
    6. enjoying a/c with windows up, while not getting soaked by the 2 days of rain while trailing and laughing at folks on 4 wheelers and rzr's..ooops thats not a rule lol

    everything in the most current rule book pertaining to utv's we meet in most all of these trucks with the exception of maybe roll over protection if the cab dont count, that being said i would gladly put an additional roll bar in the bed of my truck if that guaranteed me unlimited access to every trail head UTV'S are already allowed

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