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Gsxr subaru sambar engine conversion build pics

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Carl Swaby, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. little pebble

    little pebble Member

    you put a vmax engine in a k-truck?
  2. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    Gsxr sambar

    SAMBAR 3.jpg SAMBAR 4.jpg SAMBAR 1.jpg SAMBAR 2.jpg hi all. My subaru sambar is up for sale. Since i have built this truck i have been driving it alot. No issues since conversion which is what i wanted. Unfortunately the time has come for me to let it go as i would like to build something else. You can look at the build thread and see the stages we went through as it was being built.
    I currently drive it 2x / week. Don't get a chance to take it as much as i would like as i am busy with work. I recently took it out to hensall ..it was an amazing drive.
    I am looking for 12k with rims. These rims were imported from england. They are rotor rims 13" with stretch tires. You already know the truck has a gsxr 750 engine. Very, very reliable. 6 speed. SAMBAR 1.jpg SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY: 647-456-2013 CARL
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  3. Shelburne Troy

    Shelburne Troy New Member

    Wow, I know this thread is old but I'm fairly new to the mini truck life, but I love it. I just feel you definitely deserve a great job comment. Wow, that is amazing, did you get your Suzuki build?

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