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Ground Up Maintenance

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by coffeekei, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. coffeekei

    coffeekei New Member


    First post here. I recently picked up a 1990 Suzuki Every 660 Turbo (Da51V from what I can gather). I understand this is the Carry section, but the van section seems kind of neglected and I want as much feedback as possible.

    My main concerns are long term reliability. We are going to be using the van for our business (serving coffee out of it). And when we’re not serving coffee, we’ll likely drive it a few times a week making deliveries for the “accidental exposure” you get driving it around. It’s an eye catcher with the “Aero-Tune” ground effects package.

    Anyway, it’s got 181k kilometers on it. Definitely higher than I’m finding most folks have. That said, seems to have been meticulously maintained (though I wish I had all the paperwork). Paint, decals, everything is in superb shape. Starts right up, turbo whistles away, fun enough to drive.

    The guy who I worked with on importing did an oil change, transmission fluid drain and fill, and replaced the fuel filter.

    Timing belt sticker indicates 122k and around 2011 for last service.

    Beyond that, I’m finding small things like date codes on various parts like suspension and such. No leaks to speak of.

    Strange behavior includes having to double clutch to get into 1st if you’re rolling? Second gear seems easy enough to start from, we’ve been rolling with that (no hills in Houston, TX). I was driving around 45mph (70ish kms) next to a cement wall yesterday and I definitely hear a lot of mechanical noise.

    On to the main reason for my post. If you where in my shoes, what would be a list of necessary preventative maintenance items that I can begin working through? If there are items that I should do *immediately* please let me know what they are. Last thing I want to do is get stranded / blow this thing up.

    In summary, or TLDR:

    - 1990 F6A turbo 182k kms
    - all time 4wd
    - help me keep this beauty on the road by making suggestions for preventative maintenance.

    Thank You!

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    SAITCHO Member

    With the oil changes already done, you are on the right track. I would also change the oil in the diff and brakes and perform a coolant flush.
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  3. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Just keep up any needed maintenance on it. I have 257xxx Kms on my 2002 carryvan and still going strong. Mine has a K6A engine so a chain drive cam setup instead of a belt. Off & on I do get some oil smoke at startup so I guess the valve guides will need attention sometime in the future.

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