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Got a Carry

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Koffer, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Today I picked up a June 1991 DD51B dump body with just 7,325km , yes that's right 7,325kms .its pretty much like brand new .
    Starts right up the only couple of little things I need to address like the sticky throttle , could be the cable or the pedal assembly and the cat light is on .
    One question is I see for parts most of the listings are for DD51T , and mine is a 51B anyone have a idea what the difference is ?
    I'm going to order a manual but figured I'd ask .
    Oh and I found out that all the Suzukis the dealer had had 4x114.3 wheels and looking at the list here 1991 does so I ordered a set of 1.5" spacers with 4x114.3 so I could get it on my tow dolly . Well not this one I ended up with a truck with 4x100 so I had to take the tires off and turn them around and mounted back on . Of course they hit the calipers but I was able to Jack the truck up and slide the dolly under .
    Got it home and somehow I lost 3 out of the 4 lug nuts on the right front wheel .
    Man it was a long day . And I'm pretty sure I towed on roads I wasn't supposed to but oh well I'm home
    I'll try to get some pictures up soon as it was raining all day
  2. WestEndAngler

    WestEndAngler Member

    "B" just stands for the special box... Since you have the dump feature it will be "B". Your vehicle should be compatible with all DD51T accessories.
  3. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Thank you for the info , working on getting it titled and once it's on the road and get a few miles on it to make sure it's 100% .
  4. Anne Sweeney

    Anne Sweeney Member

    Wow 7,000 on the clock I wonder how much you pay for it as taxes in Japan.
  5. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Couple of pics image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  6. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Got home from work yesterday and found a letter from NJMVC.
    Well after having it 2 months there's an issue with the paperwork . The export certificate was not translated by one of their listed agents ( all of the ones they sent me on the 9 year old list don't do it anymore) and the the customs entry form 7501 was not stamped or listed the VIN on the first page . Since it came in as a group of 7 and brought in as cargo use trucks no stamp . I'm sort of screwed on this . :mad:
    Well I'll see if I can work this out thru the DMV or I'll have to hopefully get all my paperwork back and try another way
    Yay :rolleyes:
  7. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    A couple of weeks ago I was somehow got ahold of someone at the DMV and told her I needed my paperwork back as I was unable to get the costumes form 7501 correct and stamped . She told me " Oh that's it , just take it to Customs and Border Protection office up next to the port and they'll help you out . " really . Took the train up , walked a block went into the office at 8am when they opened went thru security (gerber tools are not allowed btw) in the office by 8:10 and back at the train station and on a train by 8:32 . I went up all ready for a MMA bout after training for 6 months and ended up feeling like the other fighter didn't show up and I won be default .
    Dropped off the missing paperwork that day at the DMV and 2 weeks later it showed up today .
    Off the get plates and insurance in the morning :p
    Only took 4 months on this title , cut 3 months off the last one I needed for a 2012 ford transit connect glider that took 7
  8. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Good news! Congrats.
  9. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Well I finally got to take it out on Saturday for a maiden voyage. The weather was a normal sunny 65 deg day for the northeast in mid February :rolleyes:
    What better way to see if everything works good is load 950 lbs of batteries to the scrap yard . Baptism by fire :)
    Next was load 1100 pounds of patio blocks in it and shot 15 miles home to get rid of them .
    It did well with the loads on hills which was better then I thought .
    I replaced the thermo fuse in the cat that was bad . Think it was damaged when the motor was cleaned filling the spark plug holes with water making it miss and overheat the cat .
    Drove it pretty good thru out the day not babying it
    Everything seemed good checked the cat thru the sensor hole and wasn't melted and the temp wasn't too high after driving so I put in the new sensor and has been good after putting another 75 Kms .
    I do think I'll change the timing belt as yeah it's got 50oo miles on it but also 26 years old . For under $100 is cheap insurance
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2017

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