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Good used & tested f5a, f5b, f6a, k6a engines and transmissions available

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by MarkSimpson, May 22, 2013.

  1. MarkSimpson

    MarkSimpson New Member

    Greetings Everyone..

    Have available good used running and tested Suzuki F5A, F5B, F6A, and K6A engines and transmissions.
    Direct new supply from Japan..
    Please see the link for the eBay listing:


    Each engine comes complete in running condition. We provide you a video of the engine under wet and dry compression tests, with the engine running, accelerating and with serial number. Your engines serial number in the video will be the exact engine you receive..
    So all ya have to do is bolt it in, add oil, hook up your petrol and electrics and start it up.. This is for any F series engine.
    (The K6A we're not set up yet to test run those yet but will be in a couple weeks time...)

    We have 4X4, 4X2, 4 & 5 speed dual hi-lo range transmissions for F5A, F5B, F6A, K6A, and a few automatic tranny's for F6A.

    These are shipped from here in the Philippines to your door via ocean cargo.
    Shipping of 1 cubic meter to north america is limited to 250kg.
    Shipping Quote from Cebu to Vancouver BC Port was @$367.00
    Discounts to Forum Members
    Discounts for volume piece orders
    Suzuki & Scrum Parts only~ No other Brands sorry..

    thank you
    Suzukicarryparts.net (not updated)
    email: dr.angela@ymail.com
    skype: alexautodetail7

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    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  2. Bugalydosh

    Bugalydosh New Member

    Can a F6A bolt on to an F5A transmission?

    How about a DOHC F5A? That should be the same connection right?
  3. Will a transmission from and f6a bolt up to a k6a engine?

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